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Bass Fishing Basic Techniques Videos - Soft Plastic Lure Rigs

Updated on October 18, 2013

Bass Fishing Basics

Techniques for Bass Fishing on Video

There are so many great videos on the web for learning, including how to become a better bass angler.  Fishing is a great hobby and a fun activity to enjoy the outdoors and spend time on your local lake or river enjoying nature.  Catching a largemouth bass can be a challenging affair for the first time bass fisherman however, with a little practice it can easily become a lifelong passion and challenge in pursuit of ever bigger fish.  

One of the intimidating factors for new bass fisherman that were not raised as kids fishing is to first just understand how to rig up all of the basic lure styles that are out there.  Walking through the tackle shop looking for bass lures can be confusing from crankbaits and spinner baits that look pretty straightforward, they look like a bait fish swimming in the water.  But some of the plastic creature baits and soft plastic stickbaits like a senko don't look like much but when presented on the right rig can be irresistible to a largemouth bass.

When first learning to catch large mouth bass it is best to not go launching a boat, just walk along the shore and look for fishy looking cover near shore that a bass might be able to hide and give it a cast or two.  

Check out these videos to get the basic understanding of some of the most common used bass fishing techniques and rigs and go have a blast catching some fish.

Texas Rig Bass Fishing Technique Video

The texas rig is one of the most basic bass fishing rigs and can be used in all different kinds of fishing situations and with all different kinds of plastic baits from worm, to creatures, to lizards, and much more.  The texas rig is great for fishing around cover and areas that you might possibly get snagged.  

This is a standard presentation that can catch fish anytime of the year and it is safe to say that almost every bass fisherman has a rod rigged with a texas rigged soft plastic in their boat at all times, it works that well and is super versatile due to all of the different kinds of lures that can be run through the hook.  Changing the weight and size of hook can also dramatically change the texas rig and really help you match the situation that you re fishing.  If you are fishing a creature bait in the heavy grass a very strong gauge hook is often required to get the fish out, whereas if you are fishing a finesse worm you may prefer a light wire worm hook so that the bait is able to slowly float behind the weight as you move it along the bottom trying to coax a fish into biting.

Bass Fishing Technique - Texas Rig

Texas Rigging / Fishing Weeds for Largemouth Bass

Carolina Rig - Bass Fishing Basic Technique Videos

Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig excels at bottom bouncing and generally on smoother to semi rocky bottoms. Sometimes this rig can get snagged easily so be prepared to go over to snags and pop them on a regular basis. Always check your line after doing this as it can get damaged while being snagged in the rocks.  The Carolina rig is another great basic fishing technique like the texas rig and is made up of the most common of bass fishing tackle.

I prefer to use a 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz sinker for most carolina rig presentations and the baby and and regular sized brush hogs tend to be my favorite go to lure for dragging around a rig. Make sure you always are checking the knot near the swivel as they can be damaged while fishing and can cost you a good fish just cause you were being lazy and not retying your rig.

The bite on the carolina rig can take a little bite of time to get the hang for feeling, but you will get the feeling down quickly and learn to load the rod up by reeling down prior to setting into the fish to remove the excess line between you and the fish.

Fishing 101 - How to tie a Carolina rig

Fishing Tip #2 - Carolina Rig

Favorite Technique

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Dropshot Rig - Bass Fishing Basic Technique

Dropshot Rig

The dropshot rig is one of the best ways to finesse fish a worm get a small roboworm my personal favorite is a mmIII a basic purple colored worm that flat out catches fish anywhere.  Fish it on 6 or 8 lbs test and have fun getting lots of bites.  This presentation excels in siuations when you the lake has lots of fishing pressure.

The dropshot allows you to present a soft plastic lure off the bottom anywhere from 1 inch to 3 feet or more depending on the specific strike zone the fish are located at and you are trying to keep your bait in.

While the drop shot is often used as a vertical presentation casting a dropshot and dragging it back in a similar fashion to a texas rig is an excellent way to cover water with a finesse presentation.

How To Tie A Drop Shot Rig


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