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Battleground 2015 Picks.

Updated on July 17, 2015

King What's Up! vs. King Barrett.

Let me just ask this one question...
Has anyone been screwed out of more gimmicks than Wade Barrett?
The Nexus, Barrett Barrage, Bad News Barrett, and now even the prestigious "king of the ring" gimmick...
When he wasn't being buried by Cena, Barrett spent his entire career as an authority whipping by and everyday jobber.
Poor guy.

The thing is, I really do like R-Truth. He makes gold out of garbage comedy gimmicks.
However... Unless he joins a killer tag-team, I don't think he'll hold another belt in his time with the WWE. He's just too old and the belts are all too prestigious.
This feud is stupid, stale, and I think Barrett has to win if they want to salvage anything from his gimmick.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt.


Samoan Dynasty versus the Rampaging Rotundas!

I don't get why the WWE does like Bray Wyatt.
He gets over.
He's great on the microphone.
He's good enough in the ring.
And yet, the only program he's won over the last year was against Ryback... A competitor who went on to win the I.C. Title at the very next pay per view... What?

Obviously, the company is still very, very invested in Roman Reigns, and if the rumors about Roman vs. Brock at SummerSlam are true, he'll need an impressive win under his belt.
This feud has actually been built pretty well.
Bray did most of the talking, including a clever angle regarding Roman's family, and with all of Bray's interference, Roman hasn't had to do very much actual wrestling.

Roman wins, perhaps with some help from Dean Ambrose, who despite being arguably the hottest babyface in the company, doesn't have a match yet.

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens. (U.S. Title).

Obviously Owens has to win.
I'm sorry, there's just no other way. Cena has been a good U.S. Champ.
I'd even argue he's been a great champ.
The title went from one that was never defended and only featured as an accessory on up and coming superstars to one that is arguably the second biggest belt on the card.
Owens is done in developmental, it's time for him to come up the big leagues, and if he comes up and loses his sixth match in a row? It just won't be a good look.
However, if he comes up, becomes U.S. Champion and knocks Cena off? The sky is the limit.
Too soon to be champion?
Daniel Bryan and Cesaro both started out as champion!

Cena will be fine if he loses, Owens won't be. Owens wins.

The Prime Time Players vs. The New Day. (Tag Team Titles).

The New Day went from being one of the hottest heel acts in the biz to being cannon fodder for Brock Lesnar and getting pinned by Mark Henry.
Sell-out Sexual Chocolate.

IMO, PTP is just keeping the titles warm for The Usos.
I'm sorry, but... Nepotism.
Millions and Millions and Millions of Dollars on PTP retaining at Battleground.


No match has been announced yet, and I don't think they'll end Nikki's historically long title reign just yet.

Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar. (WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


Realistically, that's how this match should go.
Here's what I think.
If the match is clean, Brock absolutely destroys Rollins.
But here's what I suspect...
Could be a heel turn by Dean Ambrose.
Could be a certain deadman avenges his brother.
Could be the post-match handshake between Triple H and Sting meant more than we thought!

If there's any interference, I think Rollins walks away champ.

Cash In?

It's likely.
Sheamus doesn't strike me as a slow burn Mr. MITB like Rollins was.
I suspect that an Authority vs. Rollins feud is on the horizon.
So... In the event that there is some interference in the championship match and Rollins is the champion, don't be surprised if we get a repeat of SummerSlam 2013 with a Triple H turn.


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