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Bear Canyon Loop Trail in San Mateo Canyon Wilderness

Updated on March 19, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

I am very outdoorsy, and always looking for new hiking partners.

The forest needs our help, always.
The forest needs our help, always. | Source

The Forest Could Always Use Your Help

Those of us who absolutely love nature, and being able to have the privilege of traversing through it in all its beauty, I ask today that you take some time to find out what is happening in San Mateo Canyon Wilderness. Nature needs our help just as much as we need help from nature, so please take the time out of your day to see how you can help save our forests.


Bear Canyon Trailhead

This is the entrance to the 6.1 mile trail that is Bear Canyon Loop, and I highly advise that if you are ever visiting SoCal you pick up your recreation pass and make your way out to this splendid hiking spot. Though I've never completed it due to not having a proper partner to go hiking with, I reckon it would take me somewhere around three or four hours to complete. The difficulty is moderate, and for most that is an understatement so be careful if you are new to hiking and you do decide to head out.

Make sure you always sign in! It is for your safety!
Make sure you always sign in! It is for your safety! | Source

Sign In!

A lot of people are willing to take the risk of not signing in right after passing the trailhead, and I would like to inform you that those people do not have their best interests in mind. It is always in your best interests to sign in on the provided list so that if you go missing while on your hike, the rangers will know exactly how many were in your group and where you planned to go that day. If you do not sign in to the trail list, state where you are heading, and instead head straight on out then I hope you brought a satellite GPS with you and that it just happens to be working.

Never take unnecessary risks with your life, that irritating little box with all the broken pencils just might save your life one day.

Gorgeous views.
Gorgeous views. | Source

Some of the Best Views

I know I mentioned not having made it to the end of the trail yet, and one day I hope to find a partner to make it with me, but even the beginning of the trail has some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. The higher you go up the trail, which boasts an increase in elevation of 1,112 feet, the more beautiful everything becomes. The best time to go is after a very light rain, because smog is always a factor out here in California, and after a light rain you get the clearest blue skies and best visibility.

A beautiful forest.
A beautiful forest. | Source

My Favorite Spot

About a mile in, perhaps a bit more, there is a dense wooded area that is one of my favorite spots for pictures. If you ever get the chance to come out, this would be a great place for a photo shoot, especially if you are brave enough to go slightly off trail. There are plenty of different varieties of plants around the area, and societal noise pollution is nearly non-existent. You can really lose yourself in this little forest, just sit down on a stump and drift away with the beauty and sounds of nature.

Make It a Priority to Visit!

You cannot come to SoCal and pass this gem of a trail up, and if it does not suit your fancy there are plenty more in the immediate area to choose from. As I stated earlier make sure you pick up your recreation pass, because the official parking lot requires to you have one in order to park. If you do not have a pass then there is always unreliable highway parking, which I do not advise despite the vast amount of people who utilize it. I've seen rangers out posting tickets on some of the cars that park on the turnouts on the highway.

I hope to see you out on the trail some time soon!


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