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The Rising Golf Star - Rickie Fowler Biography

Updated on May 19, 2015

Golf is considered as a quiet game for some people, it requires less noise and more focus on the task ahead. The majority knows that a sport like that requires luck and practice. Getting the small ball into the winning hole using a few strokes are indeed a task mastered by professionals and such a professional is Rickie Fowler.

Following his amazing performance on Players Championship, Fowler has been ranked as a promising golfer who'd make an everlasting name in history.

The 26-year-old was rated on PGA poll as the most overrated player ever and has been ranked as the 9th best golfer in the world last week surpassing Dustin Johnson.

Rickie Fowler at Nordea Scandinavian Masters 2010 press conference
Rickie Fowler at Nordea Scandinavian Masters 2010 press conference | Source

Fun Fact

Rickie Fowler's maternal grandparents were of Navajo ancestry, and were Japanese. That's why his middle name is "Yutaka"

Yutaka in Japanese means a lot of things, ranging from "Rich", "Relaxation", "Tenderness", "Fertile" and "Warmth"

His Start on Golf

Fowler was a dedicated golf enthusiast when he was young, he was continuously playing on a driving range and was able to bring his high school into victory. He attended Oklahoma State University, where he competed in a tournament hosted by the University of Illinois.

But the most turning point in his career was the Walker’s Cup. He represented the United States from year 2007 and was able to get a rank on the golfer’s list. Even though he came 60th in 2008 he was one of those starting players who made the cut along with, Derek Fatheur and Michael Thompson.

He earned the Eisenworth Trophy by being the best Individual player even though he was ranked second.

In 2009, he won all four matches of the Walker Cup Tournament which gave him the opportunity to sign up as a professional golfer.

My Grandpa Would Take Me to the Driving Range and, I don't know, it didn't Take me Long to Realize I'm a Little Different With Golf.

— Rickie Fowler

Did You Know?

Rickie Fowler has a net worth of $12 million and is considered as one of the richest golfers ever!

PGA Tour visits MCAS Miramar. Chaley Hoffma(left), Rickie Fowler(right) sharing their expert advice with children.
PGA Tour visits MCAS Miramar. Chaley Hoffma(left), Rickie Fowler(right) sharing their expert advice with children. | Source

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Becoming the Richest Player on PGA

Becoming one of the star players in history is no easy task, no doubt that he is loaded with gold. The income of organisations such as PGA Tours was not drastic before Fowler’s recruitment. Time Finchem and Ted Bishop of PGA America announced that they’d increased their income up to 10 million after the recruitment of players such as Fowler and Mcilroy.

If you win the PGA championship it’s highly likely that you’d also win a $1.8 Million Dollars and also an addition of 10 million. Rickie Fowler being the star player of PGA, has a minimum cashout of $1, 800, 000 with a score of -12 while Kevin Kisher, the tour’s T2 player received $880, 000 for his score of a -12 as well.

It is no secret that professional players in golf receives big sums for their participation, but that is involuntarily motivating other companies such as Masters and British Open to increase their budget.

My First Years on Tour, I Tried to be Super Professional by Considering the Yardages to every Feature and Hazard.

— Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler: Wins Through the Years

Amateur Wins
PGA Tour Wins
Asian Tour Wins
Western Junior(2005)
Wells Fargo Championship(2012)
Kolon Korea(2011)
Sunnehanna Amateur(2007)
The Players Championship(2015)
Walker Cup(2007)
Palmer Cup(2008)
Eisentower Trophy(2008)
Rickie Fowler's amazing wins. Courtesy: Wikipedia
A lucky squirrel became famous because of Fowler.
A lucky squirrel became famous because of Fowler. | Source

Most Overrated Player in Golf?

Rickie Fowler is indeed, is claimed to be overrated player of PGA Tours, because, possibly due to his style and of course due to his resemblance to Zac Efron. Fowler has a contract with PUMA Athletes for the marketing of their apparel which ranges from golf shirts, belts, pants and tops and other merchandise.

The audience sometimes views him to be flashy with his clothes, however, that does not make them criticize his gameplay. With his recent interview about current fashion trends, he confessed that he indeed is a bit self-conscious about the stuff he wears and that he doesn’t want to be viewed as a player who “dresses crazy”, but he would want to be represented as a hardworking player.

Masters Press Conference Hat Scandal: It seems he came into the hall wearing his cap backwards and Ron Townsend(Augusta National Golf Club) then reached over and turned the cap forwards. Fowler replied to the press that he had no intention of disrespecting the club, but just wanted the audience to see his face.

Squirrel Attack: While Rickie Fowler was busy winning the Players Championship, a golf squirrel comes by and tries to get into his backpack.

Zac Efron Lookalike: It’s no news that the promising golf star looks quite like the High School Musical co-star, Zac Efron.

A fan tweet on Twitter, about Fowler and Efron.
A fan tweet on Twitter, about Fowler and Efron. | Source

Rickie Fowler Facts You SHOULD Know

1.Rickie Fowler created the Rickie Fowler foundation to help the Japanese community.

2.He doesn't drink and is a regular at PGA Tour’s weekly Bible study events.

3.Rickie was an All-American and became the first-ever freshman to win NCAA Player of the Year.

4.He wears orange every Sunday as a tribute to his school(Oklaholma State University)

5.He has a sandwhich named after him.

6.He is very passionate about Motorcross.

Getting a shot right is indeed tricky.
Getting a shot right is indeed tricky. | Source

The Fowler Swing: His Secret

It’s no doubt that Fowler was able to get the birdie in the hole with at least 3 strokes but what exactly is the real secret? Most golf enthusiasts agree that every stroke of his is quite unique just as the clothes he wears.

When asked to explain the mechanics of his swinging, Fowler declared that there’s nothing much to say. He said he was a feel player who focuses on making a solid contact and that he knows his tendencies when coming to make a stroke.

"I make the corrections by instinct. Learn to recognize the feel of different off-center hits and an open or closed face at impact. They’ll give you clues about your swing and help you start fixing mistakes on your own. It’s a fun way to play and improve."- Rickie Fowler

He is in fact coached by one of the best professionals in the field, Butch Harmon, who might have improved his head spinning shots but he indeed has a style of his own.

Fowler Swing in Slow Motion

Rivalry with Rory Mcllory(The World's No #1 Golf Player)

Fowler shares a healthy rivalry with the world’s number one golf player: Rory Mcilory. In August 2014, Fowler tweeted Mcilory offering his heartiest congratulations on winning the PGA championship. The two are just six months apart in age but is full of blooming talent. It seems that on many of the accounts that Fowler has given to the press, he admires Mcilory without a doubt.

“I feel like I putted better than he did through the summer. He may have had some better ball striking and he may have drove the ball better at times.”

The pair seems to have bonded together at the 2007 Walkers Cup, where Rickie won 2007 players amateur and Rory won the silver medal for the best amateur.

Rory Mcilroy(the world's best golfer) at the Memorial Golf Tournament.
Rory Mcilroy(the world's best golfer) at the Memorial Golf Tournament. | Source

However the media thinks he is just singing praises to gain attention, but word has that Rory and Rickie had been best friends with their swinging rivalry and practices together on a more dedicating basis. But with the amazing win of Rickie at the TPC sawgrass, there’s no doubt that Mcilroy is indeed a little bit frustrated about it. Will this develop the healthy rivalry to a more non-healthy one? That question needs to be asked.

The two will be joining at the 2015 Irish Open by the Rory Foundation, and Rory seems to be very enthusiastic about it.

“I am delighted that Rickie has decided to add the Irish Open to his schedule next year. I really look forward to him joining me at Royal County Down, one of the world’s finest links courses."

Rory declared that Rickie and he had been good friends since Royal County Down at the Walkers Cup and that it would be really special if they can reunite again for a great showdown.

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