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Don the Dragon Wilson

Updated on February 6, 2015

As we all grow up, there are icons and people who we look up to.

In Hollywood, in films, it can seem like for awhile there are people that are in the spotlight, and after so many years, as an actor ages, time can not seem kind nor the media towards these human beings.

With age, and we change, that shouldn't be a sign to get "rid" of someone.

Sometimes, there are people that stand among the masses that will forever be loved.

One of those people is Don the Dragon Wilson.

For those that don't know Don, he is an 11 times international World Champion Kickboxer, that has been in the Guinness Book of World Records 11 times.

If you never seen Don fight, just look up a fight on the internet.

You can literally see, the look in his eyes, when he was in the ring.

That is the look of a Dragon, fierce and full of fire and energy.

Even out of the ring, the charisma, Don has at presentations and interviews, is really quite energetic.

Now, some people may question about anything Don does now, with him being older, but do take note.

Don's fans are always going to love him.

Age is not a factor and those that make films, should see and understand, with comments from his fans, how important it is to keep showing Don, in films, because people love him and love him alot.

I myself, can picture him as a samurai and I can not believe that with in the time that Don has been on this planet, that no one could see that.

Of course with the film industry, making a film and casting, it isn't so popular in America to actually cast someone that is of a Japanese bloodline, in which you think it would make sense, since Samurai culture is mostly of Japanese descent, but in learning and doing my own homework there were other cultures that were samurai's also, but the hard core fact remains;

Samurai's are of bloodline of Japanese descent, so it would be fitting to cast Don as a Samurai warrior, well, he is a true champion, and when he was standing tall and fighting in the ring, tall and proud, you could tell, cause he was just that good.

Now people can tell me all they want, that will acting, it is "only" acting and it doesn't matter who they are casting for a part.

Try sit and talk to anyone that is Asian, and you might tend to feel that maybe it does matter after all.

Try sitting and hearing how someone would feel about white washing that is Asian, even just for a few minutes and understand why it matters.

I can't even tell you how many times, I "facepalmed" myself, when people told me that Japanese, Chinese and other Asian cultures are all the same.

I don't think it all has to do with racism, but sometimes people just honestly don't know, but when are told, and explained the little differences in different Asian cultures, it is a new learning experiences for them, and they start understanding more about the world.

But to get back to Don, I think with up coming films that will be out in the movie theatres in thenext following years, with cameo's of other great martial artists and fighters, I think fans worldwide are going to be happy to see Don in the films.

Don gave the world, in the ring, hard core kicks and went head to head with his opponents, and his fans loved him.

I think when you live up to the fact that your a "Dragon" that really is a big deal.

I think Don has done just that. Don has lived up to the fact, he really is a dragon, and still to this day, has that fire in his belly and the energy that really glows around him, that attracts many people worldwide and it shows.

It even goes further with his Traditionz line of clothing.

With his own clothing line of t-shirts that has dragons on them, many families, men, children, and even women love the t-shirts.

The fans, even take pictures of them and you can see it on the facebook page of the Traditionz clothing line.

I think when so many people are still loving someone that has brought much joy, through fighting in the ring to films, that shows something right there.

Don is still beloved the world over and in many countries, so I tend to think, in this day and age, yes, people yes, Dragons are still alive today.

Don The Dragon Wilson

Living legend Don the Dragon Wilson
Living legend Don the Dragon Wilson


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