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Best Areas to Catch Largemouth Bass

Updated on July 4, 2012

Largemouth Bass Habitats

The largemouth bass is one of the most popular freshwater fish of North America. Because the species is habitat specific, successful fishermen often devote a considerable amount of time recognizing and targeting areas where bass are found.

In many impoundments, submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) is most important type of bass habitat. In clear, shallow areas, dense beds of grasses and other plants provide cover for insects, minnows, forage fish, and other prey.

Spatterdock, also known as lily pads, can be another important bass habitat. These specialized plants grow in large colonies, with their leaves exposed on the surface. Spatterdock fishing usually involves the use of surface lures such as frogs, soft plastic stick baits, worm rigs, or weedless spoons. Lures are retrieved over openings or along the edges of plant colonies. In areas where chain pickerel, pike, or musky are found, bass fishermen frequently loose tackle to these toothy monsters.

Largemouth bass are also highly attracted to trees and wood. In swamps, bass are often found lurking within inches of large cypress tree trunks or ancient stumps. Bass also seek out trees in man made impoundments, even trunks that lie submerged on the lake floor.

Along shorelines, bass often associate with overhanging limbs or other vegetation. Because limbs usually restrict open casts, many bass anglers develop specialized casting techniques in order to reach bass close to the shoreline.

In many impoundments, small streams converge into the main body of water. Bass often patrol these areas, waiting to feed on baitfish, earthworms, and other food sources that are flushed into the open.

Bass can move following windy periods. When strong winds blow across a lake or river, plants and other debris are often moved to one area. These conditions can open up previously unfishable habitat. High winds may also dump debris over normally good fishing spots or stir up silt and reduce water clarity.

Although normally a freshwater fish, largemouth bass also occur in brackish environments. In areas where in tides or current rips occur, anglers may need to modify tackle used for catching largemouth bass. In these areas, anglers look for pilings, bulkheads, tree stumps, rocks, and other structures that provide refuge from strong currents.

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Best Places To Catch Largemouth Bass

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