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Best Backyard Ice Rinks for Winter

Updated on November 4, 2015
Backyard ice rinks are great for keen hockey players
Backyard ice rinks are great for keen hockey players | Source

If you don't live in Florida or somewhere else fairly warm in winter, building a backyard ice rink is doable and great fun for family, friends and hockey players. A lumber platform above the pool may be expensive in the first year, but can be used for a variety of summer activities and games. It will even hold its value so can be sold when your kids are older, or if they lose interest in hockey or skating.

Ten tips for creating a backyard ice rink

- Rinks built direct to the ground can be problematic, the warm earth tends to heat the ice causing cracks and potential danger to skaters.

- The best option is to to employ experts to build staging above the pool, creating the perfect area for winter relaxation or hockey. You can source backyard skating rink suppliers online or, alternatively, hire synthetic rings .

- Staging creates a shallow pool for ice, above the main swimming pool.

- Covers on your pool act as vapor barriers, ensuring ice on the staging freezes from below and above, as the warm pool water will not heat up the ice.

- Building staging can be expensive, you'll probably need to hire professional architects to calculate load and ensure the structure is safe.

- You'll need a rink liner to cover the entire rink area or platform stage, together with side walls and can purchase these online or from local suppliers.

- Rink toppers, board wrap and rink rounds make a perfect addition to create the best backyard ice rink, sure to impress the pickiest friend or neighbor.

- Once you have invested in a platform stage, you'll find it's possible to refrigerate the ice at an additional cost, extending the skating season considerably. These ice rink stages also have resale value, so your investment will not be wasted.

- Creating a platform stage is the most economic means of building a backyard ice rink as the stage can be used during summer months for a variety of uses, and repurposed for use each winter, once you have made your initial investment.

- Expect to pay around $5 per square footage for building materials (2015 prices), while labor works out about $2.50 per square foot. You can anticipate paying around $10,000 for the platform above an average sized pool, while carpenters will be required for a day to disassemble the platform at the end of winter.

NiceRink are suppliers of a variety of accessories and essentials to create your perfect backyard ice rink - on staging or direct to ground!

IronSleek is one IL provider of above pool backyard rinks and rink accessories, check out their blog post for more details

Alternatively, check out the advantages of an inflatable ice rink for the backyard.


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