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Best Biceps Exercise Equipment

Updated on December 28, 2014

Choosing The Best Biceps Exercise Equipment For A Home Gym

The biceps are one of the most popular muscle groups to exercise for many weight trainers. Not only are they an easy muscle to show off when you develop them, they are also enjoyable to train because of the "pumped" feeling you can get in your upper arms when you do biceps exercises.

While most gyms have everything you need to build your biceps muscles, there are plenty of people who prefer to weight train at home. If you would like to set up a home gym and work out in privacy, there is some great exercise equipment you can buy to train your biceps.

The best biceps exercise equipment for your home gym includes barbells and dumbbells. Incline benches and preacher curl benches are also great biceps equipment for a home gym.

Barbells and EZ Curl Bars

Barbells and EZ curl bars are certainly among the best biceps exercise equipment. Every single biceps exercise involves curling, so having bars to curl weights with is essential if you want to build your biceps. The best bars to use while curling are straight barbells and EZ curl bars.

There are a lot of great biceps exercises you can do with a barbell. They include barbell curls, preacher curls, and reverse grip barbell curls. You'll want a solid barbell that's easy to load and unload with weights.

EZ curl bars make up some of the best biceps exercise equipment because you'll be able to use the way they are shaped to grip them better. When you grip the bar where it's curved you'll know they are spaced apart perfectly. You can also grip it so your hands are turned a little bit one way or the other so you get a stronger contraction in the biceps muscles. With an EZ curl bar you can do every exercise that you would do with a barbell.


Dumbbells are also among the best biceps exercise equipment. This is because you can do exercises that will allow you to do different movements with your arms than you can do with barbells and EZ curl bars. These exercises include supinated dumbell curls, hammer curls, incline dumbbell curls, and concentration curls.

When you want to include dumbbells as some of the top biceps exercise equipment you can either opt for adjustable dumbbells or a set of fixed dumbbells. A set of fix dumbbells may be more convenient for your biceps training if you want to quickly go to a different amount of weight (especially if you like performing drop sets). However, they'll take up more space and will cost a lot more then a pair of adjustable dumbbells. If you don't have a lot of space or the budget for a set of fixed dumbbells, a pair of adjustable ones will work out just fine.

Preacher Curl Benches

If you want the best biceps exercise equipment, you can get a preacher curl bench. Preacher benches have an angled pad that you set your upper arms on to perform preacher curls. Since the pad on a preacher bench is under just your upper arms, you'll get a deep stretch in them when you lower the weight until your arms are straight. Getting this stretch in the biceps muscles can help lengthen them and give you more potential muscle growth.

Most preacher curl machines have a rack placed where you can easily grab the weight and rack it. This means that you can train your biceps to failure without having to worry about dropping the weight.

The most popular way to do preacher curls is with an EZ curl bar. You can also perform one arm dumbbell curls to isolate one biceps muscle at a time. Reverse grip curls with an EZ curl bar are another excellent exercise you can do on the preacher bench.

Incline Benches

You can use incline benches for more than just chest and shoulder exercises. You can also use them to perform biceps exercises on. When you use an incline bench to do biceps exercises on, you can lie on the bench with your arms stretched straight down. Since your body will be lying on an incline, your arms will be behind your upper body, and you'll get a better stretch in your biceps when you do curls. Getting a better stretch can lead to more muscle growth. You can also sit straight up and do dumbbell biceps exercises.

Supinated dumbbell curls are one of the best exercises to do on an incline bench. You can also use one of these benches to perform hammer curls on.

If you decide to purchase an incline bench when you're looking for the best biceps weight training equipment, you need to get one that's sturdy and won't move around when you're doing biceps exercises on it.


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