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Best Disney World Hotels for Adults

Updated on November 17, 2013
Walt Disney World is a great vacation for adults.  But where are the best places to stay?
Walt Disney World is a great vacation for adults. But where are the best places to stay? | Source

Disney World is not just for kids. With the fantastic restaurants, shows and shopping, many adults make Walt Disney World their number one destination for honeymoons, weekend getaways or a quiet vacation.

Whether kids are not a part of your life or you are just getting some time away, a Disney World vacation without kids can and should look much different from a vacation with kids.

One of the most crucial choices you will make is where to stay. If you are planning on staying on property, there are so many choices. But which one is best? Here are the top hotels in each price category for when you are traveling with adults. Included are reasons to pick this hotel and the advantages it offers to make your vacation spectacular.

Best Deluxe Resort for Adults

Walt Disney categorizes their top tier hotels as Deluxe Resorts. And there are some fantastic choices available. But one that you may not think of but that offers convenience to parks and great dining is Walt Disney World's Wilderness Lodge.

Here are some of the reasons that you should choose Wilderness Lodge for your next Disney world vacation.

Staying at the Wilderness Lodge is like a mini vacation within your vacation.
Staying at the Wilderness Lodge is like a mini vacation within your vacation. | Source

Disney's Wilderness Lodge: Beautiful, Secluded and Cheaper

The Wilderness Lodge is themed after the lodges in Yosemite. As you approach it, you are transformed into a more secluded and beautiful place. The landscaping quickly surrounds and hides the busy roads and activity of the resort.

And even though it is very close to the Magic Kingdom, it is like a vacation in itself. The lobby boasts tall ceilings and a large fireplace as well as stories-high windows that give you a view of the outside with their well-timed, "Old Faithful" geyser.

The rooms are spacious and beautiful and even the less premium ones offer quiet and solitude. If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon, check out the bike rentals down by the marina. The bike trails wind through a woods and lead to Fort Wilderness, Disney's campground. It is rare when we don't see deer, rabbits and other wildlife when we are walking or biking the trails. It is truly a side of Florida many don't realize is there.

There is also a great bar and dining area for a relaxing afternoon or evening. You don't even have to leave your hotel if you just want to take it easy. Artist Point offers wines and foods inspired by the Northwest and some items are flown in fresh daily. There is usually no problem getting a reservation but check with the hotel concierge for availability or go ahead and book a reservation through 407-WDW-DINE if you know when you will be staying around the hotel.

Convenience to Best Adult Dining Experiences

Wilderness Lodge is convenient to many of the best, adult dining experiences on Walt Disney World Property. You are a short boat ride, car or bus ride away from:

  • California Grill
  • Victoria and Albert's
  • Narcoosees
  • The Wave
  • Citricos

These restaurants are some of the best on property for an intimate, fine-dining experience. Victoria and Albert's does not even allow any children under 10 to come to the restaurant. Yet the Wilderness Lodge is often $200 to $300 dollars cheaper per night than The Grand Floridian or The Contemporary Resort.

California Grill
Probably one of the most popular restaurants for fine dining on Disney Property, you will want to book your table as soon as you know your travel plans. A credit card is required to reserve your table. This restaurant is on top of Disney's Contemporary Resort and is known for its great food and its view of the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom. To get there from Wilderness Lodge, you can take a boat out by the lagoon at the hotel. If you have a car, simply turn right when you come out of the hotel property and stay straight. The Contemporary will be on your right. If you have reservations at the restaurant, simply tell security at the front gate and they will direct you to parking or valet.

You can take a boat from Wilderness Lodge to other great dining options
You can take a boat from Wilderness Lodge to other great dining options | Source

Victoria and Albert's

Truly one of the best dining experiences on Disney property, this price fixed restaurant offers multiple courses in a quiet and intimate setting. The great, find food choices and award winning wines make this experience something that you don't want to miss.

Located in The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Victoria and Albert's has a unique menu each night with harp music playing and quiet, dark tables. There are two seatings each night and holidays and peak times are the busiest.

The restaurant does not allow guests under 10 so this makes it the perfect place for adults. Victoria and Albert's is also great about accommodating any kind of dietary needs. Just let them know when you book your reservation what kind of needs you have.

I recommend the wine pairings as well. Each wine is chosen by an award-winning sommelier specifically for the meal you are enjoying. While this is an expensive meal, it is well worth it. With the money that you save by staying at the Wilderness Lodge, you can treat yourself.

Best Moderate Resort for Adults

If your budget is not able to accommodate a Deluxe resort, you can still have a fantastic, relaxing or romantic vacation for slightly cheaper.

Disney has many fantastic hotels in the moderate category. One of the best ones for adults who are getting away is Disney's Port Orleans. It is convenient to dining, shopping and the parks and yet it offers its own seclusion as you travel back to the deep south of Louisiana.

All of the Port Orleans buildings on the Riverside and French Quarter are beautiful.
All of the Port Orleans buildings on the Riverside and French Quarter are beautiful. | Source
The rooms at Port Orleans are spacious and have different themes depending on which building you stay in.
The rooms at Port Orleans are spacious and have different themes depending on which building you stay in. | Source

Disney's Port Orleans: Great Rooms, Great Theme, and Convenient

There are two "sides" to Port Orleans: Riverside and French Quarter. The Riverside used to be known as "Dixie Landings" and if you go to the resort you will see why. The theme is definitely plantation with spacious staircases and trellis railings. Each hotel building has its own theme of a time gone by in the deep south.

Due to Disney's worry about the racial connotations of the name Dixie Landings, they changed it to Port Orleans Riverside since the resort always connected to the French Quarter anyway.

While both sides are great, I prefer the Riverside for its quietness and languid, meandering walks.

The rooms are spacious and quiet. You will not feel that you have skimped at all. And yet they are as much as $200 less a night than the cheapest Deluxe resort.

Port Orleans is also very close to the Wilderness Lodge so you have quick access to the restaurants that are near that Deluxe Resort.

Another great aspect available at Port Orleans is that you can take a boat to Downtown Disney and have access to shopping and great dining.

One of the best dining options downtown is The Dining Room at Wolfgang Puck's.

The Dining Room at Wolfgang Puck's

This restaurant offers a more intimate experience than most of the Downtown Disney dining options. Located near the House of Blues, you can enjoy an evening of beautiful and tasty courses.

The restaurant itself is beautiful and provides a view of the water that makes you feel like you are far away from the usually very busy Downtown Disney.

Course offerings are seasonal and include fresh ingredients and even wine pairings. I highly recommend the smoke salmon flatbread as your appetizer while you are perusing the menu and extensive wine options.

Best Value Resort for Adults

There is no reason to not take that getaway, even if you have a tight budge. Disney has some incredible value resorts that are sure not to disappoint.

During non-peak season, you can often book a value resort for under a hundred dollars a night. And the resorts are still just a short car or boat ride away from the parks, dining and shopping.

If you are looking to save money and still have fun, consider the Value Resorts.

Ever wonder why Disney's Pop Century is not a full 100 years?
Ever wonder why Disney's Pop Century is not a full 100 years? | Source
Pop Century is a great, value option for adults.
Pop Century is a great, value option for adults. | Source
The rooms are small but clean at Pop Century.  This is the best value hotel for adults.
The rooms are small but clean at Pop Century. This is the best value hotel for adults. | Source

Disney's Pop Century: A Fun Get Away for Adults

Staying at Disney's Pop Century is like a little trip back in time. There are five themed areas based on the decades from the 50's to the 90's.

Tip: Sometimes the Value Resorts can be loud. They are popular and busy. However, at Pop Century request the 80's or the 70's. These buildings are away from the pool and the main area and are quieter, more secluded and restful.

The rooms are small but comfortable at Pop Century. But they are always clean. Request a room away from the main pool area if you are looking for a quieter place to stay. But there's also no reason you can't enjoy the great pools.

Another popular option at Pop Century is the pool bar which is open until midnight on most days. Even many of the deluxe hotels have bars that close surprisingly early. You and your adult companions can get a margarita and enjoy a nice conversation by the pool or on the patio.

Pop Century has a great food court. But if you are looking for a nicer dining experience, consider heading over to Jiko at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. You can take a bus to Downtown Disney and then to the Animal Kingdom Lodge or take a short car ride (around five minutes).

Jiko: The Cooking Place

Across from the very popular Boma, Jiko is the quieter, more adult sister to Boma. The d├ęcor is beautiful, African inspired with floor to ceiling glass windows and rich dark woods. You can choose from several courses of African inspired food. The oak grilled filet mignon is always a hit and fantastic.

There are also African wines available. While I am not a fan of South African wines, especially the red ones, many enjoy the unique experience. Your server will likely be able to offer you the best options. Or try one of the many mixed drinks available through the fully-stocked bar.

After dining head out to the savanna area and look for the Disney guide with night vision goggles. You can watch the many animals around the hotel as they graze and wander around in the dark.

Disney Is For Adults

There are so many great options for adults who want to stay at Walt Disney Resort. And so many of the options can fit every budget.

Most adults want to experience the park a little differently and while going to the theme parks is fun, they also want nice dining and other more relaxing options.

These are some of the best hotels to fulfill your dreams of a great, adult, Disney getaway. Have fun!

Where do you usually stay when you have an adult getaway at Walt Disney World?

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