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2016 Best In The World Challenge.

Updated on February 3, 2016

Do you have what it takes?

For everyone who hasn't been following along at home, my good friend, Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle on the twitter) and I have been picking NFL games for the last two seasons to determine who truly is "The Best In The World".
In 2014, Fleegle actually beat me by predicting the New England Patriots would defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. This season, I mounted a comeback and was able to edge out the tying victory.
In 2016, we look to break the tie and decide who truly is the BITW.

But then I thought, why not shake things up a little bit?
I've been approached by many people over the last season and a half about participating in the challenge, and as we head towards what will likely be the last year of the BITW Challenge. I'm moving onto bigger and better things professionally, and monetarily, Hubpages just isn't keeping up with the other places I write for. Unfortunately, those places don't offer the same creative freedom that HP does.
So I say, let's go out with a bang.
Let's add one more person to the challenge.
Small Note- I may be willing to add two, but at the end of the day, this is my job.
What does that mean?
It means that I'm responsible for the content and consistency of anything I post. While you may be contributing, these articles will be posted under my name, and will be looked at by anyone looking to hire me in the future.
Sometimes, I have to get after Conner to get his picks in (You know that's true, buddy), and with conflicting schedules and everything, I can foresee it being a real pain in the ass to get three people to send their picks in, let alone editing and figuring it in to the article.
I know I'm being a bit of a nag here, but I really do need professionalism out of anyone who may want to write with us, even if you're not a professional.
I need the picks to every game, every week, and while I don't need mind-blowing detailed analysis, I do need at least adequately worded explanations for each game.
Also, it goes without saying that the language has to be PG-13 at best. This isn't a heated conversation at Buffalo Wild Wings, this is my job. Family members, potential employers, and my lovely tuxedo cat, Carl, will be reading this.
If you think you've got what it takes, and you're up to the challenge, here's what I need.
A detailed football article, and an e-mail address.
Message them both to my Facebook, and I'll decide who will be joining Conner and I next season some time after the Super Bowl.
The article can be about anything. Anything at all.
It can be "Why The Jacksonville Jaguars Will Go Undefeated Next Year", and if it's well written, I'll accept it.
And hey, even if you don't get picked for the BITW Challenge, if I like your article, maybe we can write an article together or I can feature you on the podcast my boss keeps telling me to start.


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