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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 1 Picks.

Updated on September 8, 2016

You know the deal...

Two years ago, Conner Fleegle and I faced off, comparing picks, trying to figure out who the best in the world really was.

In year one, I won the regular season by the slimmest of margins, only to have Conner win by correctly predicting the Super Bowl.

In year two, I fell behind early, but eventually was able to claim the victory.

Now, it's year three. The final season.

We will decide who the best in the world really is.

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Now, in the coming weeks, we'll have more time and our picks will have much more detail. But... as you know, I almost exclusively write for Last Word On Sports, and I get kinda busy!

Carolina v Denver- Carolina

Trevor Who? Josh What? Some new names in new places, some old faces in strange places. I think the Panthers defense eat the Broncos alive.

Tampa Bay v Atlanta- Atlanta

Please. Tampa Bay is on the way up, but Atlanta has all the potential in the world. Taking the Falcons here.

Buffalo v Baltimore- Baltimore

Baltimore is insanely underrated. They'll easily win this one.

Chicago v Houston- Houston

That Bears offensive line is terrrrrrible. The Texans shouldn't have any problem ruining Re- I mean Jay Cutler.

Green Bay v Jacksonville- Green Bay

The Jags are on the way up, but man, against a Packers offense like this? Don't get your hopes up.

San Diego v Kansas City- Kansas City

The Chiefs are not, the Chargers arrrrrre not.

Oakland v New Orleans- Oakland


Cincinnati v New York (Jets)- Cincinnati

This should be a good physical game, but I'm taking the Bengals because they can make big plays and it's never a good idea to pay Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Cleveland v Philadelphia- Cleveland

oh.... oh god.... flipping a coin. Cleveland it is.

Minnesota v Tennessee- Minnesota

Even without Bridgewater, the Vikings have a great running attack and a good defense. What do the Titans have? Heisman trophies? Fantastic. NEXT.

Miami v Seattle- Seattle


New York (Giants) v Dallas- New York

Once upon a time, this result would've been flipped. But several injuries and suspensions later... Not happening.

Detroit v Indianapolis- Indianapolis

Guess who's back, back again, Luck is back, tell a friend. Luck is back, Luck is back, Luck is back, danana.

New England v Arizona- Arizona

In prime-time? Without Brady? Against that D? Please.

Pittsburgh v Washington- Pittsburgh

The Redskins are going to get pummeled by all of last year's elite teams, and this is the first example.

Los Angeles v San Francisco- San Francisco

What an ugly game... 49ers? I guess?

@McFleegle's Picks.

Time to settle the score in year 3!!!!! Here we go.....

Carolina @ Denver: Until the Denver offense shows me something post Peyton, I can't pick them. Carolina kicks the season off with a win.

Minnesota @ Tennessee: Toss up game. I expect AP and DeMarco to get heavy work due to each teams QB. I'll take the Vikings because I think their defense is a tick better than the Titans.

Chicago @ Houston: Intrigue here. I've always been a fan of Jay Cutler and think he catches a lot of unnecessary heat at times (even though he DOES turn it over a lot). But, with this game being in Houston, you have to lean to the Texans. Mainly because, whose gonna block JJ Watt? Give me Houston in this one.

Cleveland @ Philadelphia: E-A-G-L-E-S. by a lot.

San Diego @ Kansas City: Total toss up, but I think the Chiefs pick off Philip Rivers 2-3 times and turn it into a win at home.

Oakland @ New Orleans: I know for a fact Ryan and I will disagree on this game. Look, I think Oakland is in for a BIG year, but I think it'll take a week or two for them to warn up. Plus, I have a Drew Brees man crush, and this games in the dome.....give me the Saints.

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta: Oh god. Uhhhhh.....Falcons?

Cincinnati @ New York Jets: Debated on this for a few minutes. Don't be surprised to see the Jets sneak it out, but I think Cincy is the better team, so give me the Bengals.

Green Bay @ Jacksonville: Packers by 3 touchdowns. Next!

Miami @ Seattle: There's a lot of really good teams that don't stand a chance in what makes you think the Dolphins have a prayer? Seahawks, big.

Buffalo @ Baltimore: It can't get any worse for my Ravens, right? Harbaugh gets a pass for last year due to injuries, but the heat is on if the ravens don't perform this year. But, I think Baltimore has a bounce back year, and it starts Sundaywith a win over Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills.

New York Giants @ Dallas: Eli is due for a bounce back year. Plus, Tom Coughlin and his awful clock management won't be in Dallas! Close game here, but until Dak Prescott shows me something, gotta go Giants.

Detroit @ Indianapolis: The post Calvin Johnson era behind in Detroit, so lets see just how good this offense is. Colts are due to bounce back with a fully healthy Andrew Luck, and they get it started with a win in week 1.

New England @ Arizona: No Brady, no win in the desert. That simple. Cardinals win.

Pittsburgh @ Washington: Lets see if Kirk Cousins can do it again.....I don't think he can, and he won't on Monday might. Big Ben and the Steelers win.

St. Louis......errrr......Los Angeles @ San Francisco: What's higher, the over/under, or the amount of times ESPN talks about Kaeperjoke? I actually like the Rams in this one. Start it off with a bang, ya know?

Well, there you go. Week 1 is here! Here's to another great year!



He took the Eagles, I took the Browns.
He took the Aints, I took the Raiders.
He took the Rams, I took the 49ers.

Okay! Three disagreements! Nothing too crazy. Let the hot takes begin!


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