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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 10 Picks.

Updated on November 10, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Baltimore vs. Cleveland- Cleveland
If Cleveland is ever going to win, it's going to be now.

Houston vs. Jacksonville- Houston
Jacksonville couldn't beat Kansas City without Smith, Charles, Ware, Maclin, or Kelce. Why do we let you play in the NFL?

Denver vs. New Orleans- Denver
Drew Brees against this secondary? HAhahahahaha.

Los Angeles vs. New York (Jets)- Los Angeles
Oh... Oh god... Oh god no.

Atlanta vs. Philadelphia- Atlanta
Sheesh. Sorry Philly.

Kansas City vs. Carolina- Kansas City
This team is resilient, and I'm positive Cam will just turn the ball over 100 times.

Chicago vs. Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay
I wanted to pick Chicago, then I realized I wasn't talking about the Cubs.

Minnesota vs. Washington- Minnesota
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Green Bay vs. Tennessee- Green Bay
Tennessee is still a year or two away, and Green Bay is the best bad team in football.

Miami vs. San Diego- San Diego
The Chargers SHOULD win this one. If they actually show up.

San Francisco vs. Arizona- Arizona
The Cardinals SHOULD win this win. If they actually show up... again.

Dallas vs. Pittsburgh- Dallas.
Easily. Especially with a beat up Ben.

Seattle vs. New England- New England
This is New England's last test this season. Not even joking. I wanna take Seattle, but IN New England, after a bye, with the Hawks on a short week? Not pretty.

Cincinnati vs. New York (Giants)- New York
The Giants look like they're starting to figure things out,and the Bengals can't rely on freak plays from A.J. Green every week.

@McFleegle's Picks.

Week 10 is here. Sitting at +1 right now. BLAH. Onto the picks......

Cleveland @ Baltimore: The Ravens better win this freakin game.

Green Bay @ Tennessee: The Packers have problems. I could see them losing this game this week. But luckily for them, the Titans defense has more holes than swiss cheese (see what I did there?). Packers win.

Minnesota @ Washington: The Vikings, once the best team in the NFC, are in trouble. Their O-Line can't block, and you can see where the lack of AP is finally starting to hurt them. I think they drop another one this week to Washington. 7th most sacks in the league coming into this week against a bad O-Line=a long day for Sam Bradford.

Chicago @ Tampa Bay: Coin flip.....Bucs win. Maybe. I don't know. Next?

Kansas City @ Carolina: Interesting game here. Could go either way, but I think Carolina gets the win at home.

Atlanta @ Philadelphia: This actually has the makings of a pretty good game. Falcons are 4-1 on the road, but the Eagles are 3-0 at home. Yes, the Eagles have lost 2 straight, but they were both on the road, within the NFC East, each by a touchdown or less. The real question is, can the Eagles slow down the Falcons offense? I don't think they will. Expect the Falcons to win, in a close close game.

Los Angeles @ New York Jets: This is going to be s ugly. Jets win, in a battle of field goals. Don't watch this game. Really, don't.

Denver @ New Orleans: New Orleans traveled across the country and hung 41 on the 49ers. Yes, I know the Broncos D is better, but did Denver show you anything against Oakland that leads you to believe they can pull this one out? I think the Saints get another big win this week. Drew Brees>>>Trevor Siemien.

Houston @ Jacksonville: If there ever was a game the Jags could pick off, this is it......but that doesn't mean they will. It won't be pretty, but I think Houston does just enough to win this one.

Miami @ San Diego: This could be sneaky good too, but I don't trust the Dolphins on the road. Plus, the Chargers have gone 3-1 in the last 4, and lets break those down: held Denver to 13 points in a win, went to Atlanta and won, dropped in Denver by a touchdown, then hung 43 on Tennessee in a win last week. Yes, Jay Ajayi is going to get his numbers, but.....and for those who read my picks, you know how much I hate Philip Rivers....are you really going to take Ryan Tannehill over him on the road? Chargers win.

Dallas @ Pittsburgh: This is another big test for Dak, Ezekiel and company for Dallas, but I think they can move the ball against the Steelers, and Pittsburgh's offense looked shaky as all get out last week. Calling it, I think it's another big road win for the Dallas Cowboys this week.

San Francisco @ Arizona: The countdown clock is already on for Chip Kelly in San Fran. Arizona deals them another blow with a win this week.

Seattle @ New England: Great, great game this week, but Buffalo gave the Hawks all they could handle on Monday night. And now, Seattle, on a short week, has to go cross country to play Tom Brady coming off a bye? I don't like their chances. Patriots should roll in this one.

Cincinnati @ New York Giants: The Bengals just have not been what we thought they could be this year. I think the Giants hand them another loss this week.

I see room for more disagreements this week. This could be a swing week!


Leading: McFleegle +1

I picked the Browns, he picked the Ravens.
I picked the Chiefs, he picked the Buccaneers.
I picked the Vikings, he picked the Redskins.
I picked the Broncos, he picked the Saints.
I picked the Rams, he picked the Jets.


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