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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 11 Picks.

Updated on November 16, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

New Orleans vs. Carolina- New Orleans
The Panthers just don't have the defense. I have a hard time imagining them slowing down Drew Brees.

Buffalo vs. Cincinnati- Cincinnati
I just don't trust the bills.

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland- Pittsburgh
Get out of my face Cleveland, you disgust me.

Baltimore vs. Dallas- Dallas
A great offensive line beats a great defense, every time.

Jacksonville vs.Detroit- Detroit
Why is Jacksonville still a team?

Tennessee vs. Indianapolis- Indianapolis
Indy better win this one lol

Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City-Kansas City

Arizona vs. Minnesota- Arizona
Anyone else still have faith in the Vikings? Because I don't

Chicago vs. New York (Giants)- New York
Please. Seriously. Please

Miami vs. Los Angeles- Miami
A rookie QB against that defensive line? Oh god...

Philadelphia vs. Seattle- Seattle
A rookie QB against that secondary? Oh god...

New England vs. San Francisco- New England

Green Bay vs. Washington- Green Bay
Man. If the Skins pull this off...

Houston vs. Oakland- Oakland

@McFleegle's Picks.


New Orleans @ Carolina: I expect us to differ on this one, but I like the Saints. The panthers secondary is garbage, and cam newton doesn't look confident right now. Saints get a big W.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland: LOL. Steelers, big.

Baltimore @ Dallas: Kudos to ravens fans who actually think we have a shot this week, because we don't. Cowboys win, fairly easily too, I think.

Jacksonville @ Detroit: LOL. Lions win it easily. How has Gus Bradley not been fired yet?

Tennessee @ Indianapolis: This game has a lot of intrigue, but I think the Colts find a way to get it done, because they HAVE to. They do. These are the games they have to win.

Buffalo @ Cincinnati: Going with my gut on this one. I think the Bills get the win on the road. I mean, has Cincy shown you anything lately that makes you feel confident picking them?

Tampa Bay @ Kansas City: What a comeback for the chiefs in Carolina last week! They grab another W this week over the Bucs. How sick is the AFC West?

Chicago @ New York Giants: How the hell does Jay Cutler still get to be a starting QB in this league? There's not ANYBODY better out there? Injuries don't help Da Bears this week either, and the Giants are looking good. G-Men win.

Arizona @ Minnesota: The cardinals struggled badly with the 49ers, but won. The Vikings haven't looked good in over a month. Somethings gotta give, right? Arizona finds a way to win this game, because I don't trust that Vikings O-Line to do anything.

Miami @ Los Angeles: Don't look now, but the dolphins are looking pretty good over the last few weeks. And the Rams finally turn it over to Jared Goff, but does it matter? I like Miami to win.

New England @ San Francisco: To say I was stunned the patriots lost to the Seahawks last week would be an understatement. I think they blast the 49ers out of the water this week. Chip Kelly, tick tick tick tick tick.....

Philadelphia @ Seattle: I'd give the Eagles half a chance if this game was in Philly, but it's in front of The 12th Man, and you can't pick against the Hawks in front of The 12th Man, especially after how they looked last week. Seattle wins this one.

Green Bay @ Washington: Oh Green Bay, how the mighty have fallen. Washington keeps them reeling with another L this week.

Houston @ Oakland: Viva La Raza!!!! Mexico City, Oakland, Las Vegas, Fairlee, does it matter? The Raiders should win this game pretty easily. When's the last time I said that about the raiders? Every game seems like a dog fight for them.



I picked the Packers and he picked the Redskins
I picked the Bengals and he picked the Bills.
Only two... I think... I probably missed one... again...


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