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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 12 Picks.

Updated on November 23, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Minnesota vs. Detroit- Detroit
The Lions are about to take the lead in the NFC North. If only someone predicted this...

Washington vs. Dallas- Washington
This is a wild pick, but I'm taking it. Skins have been red hot lately.

Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis- Pittsburgh
No Luck, no chance.

Tennessee vs. Chicago- Tennessee
Boooooooring. Booooooring.

Jacksonville vs. Buffalo- Buffalo
Ew.Just ew.

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore- Baltimore
No A.J. Green? This could get ugly.

Arizona vs. Atlanta- Atlanta
This could actually be interesting. It could be a shootout.

New York (Giants) vs. Cleveland- New York

Los Angeles vs. New Orleans- New Orleans
Poor Goff. He was truly unspectacular last week.

San Francisco vs. Miami- Miami
The Dolphins might be the only team in the NFL with a wild card shot outside of the AFC West.

San Diego vs. Houston- San Diego
This might be out of boun-I mean out of line, but I don't think this team has what it takes to make a real run.

Seattle vs. Tampa Bay- Seattle
Winston vs. that secondary? Please.

New England vs. New York (Jets)- New England
As a Raiders fan, it's so frustrating that the Patriots have such a cupcake schedule.

Carolina vs. Oakland- Oakland
Ooh. This is a tough pick. I'm riding with my own team, and maybe I shouldn't,but...

Kansas City vs. Denver- Denver
This is a rough call, but ultimately Kansas City's offensive ineptitude will do them in.

Green Bay vs. Philadelphia- Green Bay
The Packers have to win eventually, right?

@McFleegle's Picks.

Minnesota @ Detroit: It's thanksgiving football! I still can't trust the Vikings right now, even though they won last week. I think Detroit gets a big home win.

Washington @ Dallas: Now you talk about a BIG thanksgiving game. Look here! Washington is flying high, to the point where all the fans were screaming "we want dallas" midway through the 4th quarter of the Packers game......ooooooookay. Cowboys at home get another win.

Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis: I don't care who the QB for the Colts winds up being, they're still going to lose this game. Steelers win. Moving on.

Tennessee @ Chicago: Hey, a road game the Titans SHOULD win! When's the last time we said that (that didn't involve Jacksonville)? Seriously though, is ANYBODY healthy or not suspended in Chicago? Titans win.

Jacksonville @ Buffalo: Nice of Rex Ryan to call the Jags the "best 2 win team in the history of football" but, they're not. Come on, Rex. Bills win.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore: THE RAVENS BETTER WIN THIS DAMN GAME!!!!!! There. That's my pick.

Arizona @ Atlanta: The cardinals just don't seem to have it this year. Falcons win, comfortably.

New York Giants @ Cleveland: LOL. Giants. Big.

Los Angeles @ New Orleans: Saints. Saints. Saints again.

San Francisco @ Miami: Every time the 49ers lose, I smile. Can't wait to be smiling again this week. Dolphins win.

San Diego @ Houston: I'd like to think the Chargers could win, but I know they'll find a way to blow it in the end. Texans find a way to win.

Seattle @ Tampa Bay: LOL!!! Seahawks.

Carolina @ Oakland: I think the panthers give the Raiders a good game here, but I think Oakland finds a way to get it done.

New England @ New York Jets: Stop. Just stop. Patriots roll.

Kansas City @ Denver: This is a tough one to pick.......but, I think Denver finds a way to pull off the win at home.

Green Bay @ Philadelphia: The Packers are reaching unpickable territory. I never thought I would say that. Eagles win this one.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Leading: Fleegle +2

I picked the Redskins, he picked the Cowboys.
I picked the Chargers, he picked the Texans.
I picked the Packers, he picked the Eagles.


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