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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 13 Picks.

Updated on December 1, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Dallas vs. Minnesota- Dallas
Phew. Wouldn't have picked it this way five weeks ago.

Kansas City vs. Atlanta- Atlanta
Atlanta matches up well against the Chiefs. Their offense, when on point, is unstoppable. They made Trevor Siemian look good last week...

Detroit vs. New Orleans- Detroit
Though this is going to be a wildly entertaining game.

Los Angeles vs. New England- New England
Goff Scoff.

Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia- Philadelphia
The Bengals suck. The end.

Denver vs. Jacksonville- Denver
Denver better win this one... Their schedule gets rough.

Houston vs. Green Bay- Green Bay
At least they won last week... let's see how good they make Brock look.

Miami vs. Baltimore- Baltimore
The Ravens will be able to stop the run and force Tannehill to throw. Nobody wants to see that.

San Francisco vs. Chicago- Chicago

Buffalo vs. Oakland- Oakland

New York (Giants) vs. Pittsburgh- New York
This could be very interesting. If Pittsburgh is healthy, they can make it fun, but with that defense...

Washington vs. Arizona- Washington
Didn't think I'd pick this way 13 weeks ago lol.

Tampa Bay vs. San Diego- San Diego
This could also be a fun, fun game.

Carolina vs. Seattle- Seattle
This could also be a fun game, but neither team looked great last week.

Indianapolis vs. New York (Jets)- Indianapolis
The return of Andrew Luck should work wonders for Indy.

@McFleegle's Picks.

If you haven't burned off your turkey coma by now.......join the club

Dallas @ Minnesota: Feel like this could be a tough one for Dallas, but I think they find a way to sneak out a win. Something like a 17-14 score line.

Kansas City @ Atlanta: That victory the Chiefs had over Denver was mighty impressive. This game is tough to call, but, I think Atlanta finds a way to get the win at home in the dome.

Detroit @ New Orleans: It's a game the Lions should win, but with the good football they've been playing lately, they're due for a clunker. Saints grab a win at home.

Los Angeles @ New England: PLEASE. Patriots roll.

Denver @ Jacksonville: Broncos need to be they don't. 10 points will be enough for them to win. Seriously, the Jags offense against the Broncos D? No. Denver wins.

Houston @ Green Bay: Hey! The Packers finally looked good! I think they win again this week. Houston is a different team outside of Texas.

Philadelphia @ Cincinnati: This game won't be pretty, I think, but the Bengals are a straight mess. I think the Eagles pick up a close road win.

Miami @ Baltimore: Man......I don't know. I'd like to think my ravens can win this one, and Miami is due for a clunker of a game. Ravens get the win, but, I think it's going to be a relatively ugly game.

San Francisco @ Chicago: This game is going to be SO UGLY. It is. Give the win to Chicago this week.

Buffalo @ Oakland: The Raiders just keep finding ways to win, man. I think they find another way this week.

New York Giants @ Pittsburgh: I would have been perfectly okay with this being the Sunday night game this week, but alas.....more on that later. This is a tough one to call. It's a game the Giants SHOULD win, but we've seen the Steelers sneak out wins in these games many a time......but, I think the Giants do just enough to grab the win.

Washington @ Arizona: Again, a game that Washington can win, but Arizona is due for a big win soon. I think the Cardinals find a way here and get the W.

Tampa Bay @ San Diego: Don't look now, but this game could be sneaky good. But in the end, the chargers at home find a way to not blow it, and get the win.

Carolina @ Seattle: THIS is the Sunday night game? Goodness. When's the flex when you need it? Seahawks win, because they're going to be pissed off following their game last week.

Indianapolis @ New York Jets: This smells of bad. Colts squeak one out, but heck, the Jets might win. I don't know. Colts win, barely.

I smell a bunch of disagreements this week. We'll see!


Leading: Fleegle +1

I took the Lions, he took the Saints.
I took the Redskins, he took the Cardinals.


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