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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 15 Picks.

Updated on December 15, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Los Angeles vs. Seattle- Seattle

Miami vs. New York Jets- Miami
It won't be pretty.

Philadelphia vs. Baltimore- Baltimore
This might be ugly too.

Cleveland vs. Buffalo- Buffalo
Sorry Cleveland, you blew it last week.

Green Bay vs. Chicago- Green Bay

Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati- Pittsburgh
Look for another huge game from Le'Veon Bell! (please, the fantasy playoffs just started)

Jacksonville vs. Houston- Houston

Tennessee vs. Kansas City- Tennessee
Man. This was a tough call. Buuut as far back as I am, I need to take some shots.

Indianapolis vs. Minnesota- Indianapolis
Watch what Luck does to that defense without Harrison Smith back there.

Detroit vs. New York (Giants)- New York
And so, the fairy tale ends.

New Orleans vs. Arizona- Arizona
I guess? But only because the game is IN Arizona.

San Francisco vs. Atlanta- Atlanta

New England vs. Denver- New England
If Denver had beaten Tennessee, maybe.

Oakland vs. San Diego- Oakland

Tampa Bay vs. Dallas- Tampa Bay

Carolina vs. Washington- Carolina
The Panthers are getting hot just as the Skins are falling apart. Calling it.

@McFleegle's Picks.


Los Angeles @ Seattle: Yes, I know the Rams have won the last 3 meetings in a row. But.....come on. Seattle should win.

Miami @ New York Jets: Trap game for the Dolphins, but I still think they're better than the Jets are. Miami wins.

Philadelphia @ Baltimore: Maybe now my fellow Ravens fans will cool it off about how "great" we were after how Monday went down? Luckily, the Ravens should still win this game....I hope.

Green Bay @ Chicago: Packers have it all figured out again, it seems. They should win this one.

Jacksonville @ Houston: Texans, because.....well, because.

Cleveland @ Buffalo: I know the Bills aren't great, but, they're better than the freakin Browns are. Buffalo should win.

Tennessee @ Kansas City: It was a very impressive win for Tennessee against Denver last week.....but Kansas City is a much different animal. Chiefs should win this one.

Detroit @ New York Giants: This should be an outstanding football game. In the end, I think the Giants do just enough, and Detroit can't overcome a 4th quarter deficit this time.

Indianapolis @ Minnesota: I don't know who to pick in this one. Logic says the Vikings should win, but when's the last time they looked great in a game? However, Indy just lost at home to Houston, so, gonna ride with the home team and say Minnesota wins.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati: Bengals could give the Steelers a challenge, but not enough of one. Pittsburgh should win.

New Orleans @ Arizona: Jeeez. Who knows? Cardinals, I guess, I think.

San Francisco @ Atlanta: LOL. Falcons. Next?

New England @ Denver: Patriots will win this one. Denver is starting to fade and I don't think they have the offense to keep up in the end.

Oakland @ San Diego: It'll be closer than most think, but Oakland should win this game. They're simply the better team.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas: Cowboys right the ship with a win this week, although, this should be a fun game.

Carolina @ Washington: Washington HAS to win this game. Simple as that. And I think they will, but barely in the end.

Coming down to crunch time baby!


Leading: Fleegle +5

I picked the Titans and he picked the Chiefs.
I picked the Colts and he picked the Vikings.
I picked the Buccaneers and he picked the Cowboys.
I picked the Panthers and he picked the Redskins.
Things could be heating up!


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