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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 16 Picks.

Updated on December 22, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

New York (Giants) vs. Philadelphia- New York
Definitely, especially with so much on the line.

Miami vs. Buffalo- Miami
Sorry Buffalo. I just don't see it.

New York (Jets) vs. New England- New England

Tennessee vs. Jacksonville- Tennessee
More like Jokesonville.

Minnesota vs. Green Bay- Green Bay
I don't think Fleegle and I are gonna disagree on much this week.

San Diego vs. Cleveland- San Diego

Washington vs. Chicago- Chicago
This is probably a stupid pick, but it's one I'm making. Chicago has been fighting hard, and the Redskins have lost 3 of their last 4. I'm running with it. Da Bears.

Atlanta vs. Carolina- Atlanta
Carolina has been hot... but not hot enough.

Indianapolis vs. Oakland- Oakland
I think I've picked my Raiders every game this year.

Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans- Tampa Bay
Still think the Bucs have... IT.

Arizona vs. Seattle- Seattle

San Francisco vs. Los Angeles- Los Angeles
Oh... oh god... Do I have to?

Cincinnati vs. Houston- Cincinnati
I'm taking a bit of a leap on this one, but I don't trust Macho Man Tom Savage.

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh
If this game was in Baltimore, I'd pick the Ravens. It's that close.

Denver vs. Kansas City- Kansas City
The Denver locker room is falling apart, and they don't have the explosion of Tennessee.

Detroit vs. Dallas- Dallas
Yeahhhh no.

@McFleegle's Picks.

Remember when I was +5? Yeah.....

New York Giants @ Philadelphia: This looks like a game the Eagles could steal, but I think the Giants do enough to win.

Miami @ Buffalo: Calling the upset! A cold Saturday afternoon leads to a bills win.

New York Jets @ New England: LOL. Patriots.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville: LOL. Titans.

Minnesota @ Green Bay: Vikings collapse is complete. Packers roll.

San Diego @ Cleveland: It's tempting.....but I think the Chargers win.

Washington @ Chicago: Another tempting one.....but, Washington.

Atlanta @ Carolina: Can't see how Atlanta loses this one.

Indianapolis @ Oakland: Raiders win this one, in a high scoring shootout.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans: I think the Saints get this win. Time for Tampa to come back to earth.

Arizona @ Seattle: Hawks, fairly easily, I think.

San Francisco @ Los Angeles: Don't watch this game. Rams win.

Cincinnati @ Houston: Texans win this one. It won't be pretty, but, they win.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh: *sigh* I don't think this will be pretty, to be honest. Steelers win.

Denver @ Kansas City: Put a fork in the Broncos, baby. Chiefs win.

Detroit @ Dallas: Great Monday night game here, but I think Dallas finds a way to win, setting up Detroit/Green Bay for the NFC North next week (and probably the Sunday night flex game).

This week better be better!


Leading: Fleegle +3

I picked the Dolphins, he picked the Bills.
I picked the Bears, he picked the Redskins.
I picked the Buccaneers, he picked the Aints.
I picked the Bengals, he picked the Texans.


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