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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 17 Picks.

Updated on December 29, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Baltimore vs. Cincinnati- Baltimore

Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis- Indianapolis

New England vs. Miami- New England
Though a MIA win would be nice

Chicago vs. Minnesota- Chicago
Why not?

Buffalo vs. New York (Jets)- Buffalo
New coach, new culture.

Dallas vs. Philadelphia- Philadelphia
Banking on Dallas benching their starters.

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh

Carolina vs. Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay

Houston vs. Tennessee- Houston
No Mariota, no problem.

New Orleans vs. Atlanta- Atlanta
Because it's in Atlanta

Oakland vs. Denver- Oakland
Fight me IRL

Arizona vs. Los Angeles- Arizona

Kansas City vs. San Diego- Kansas City
Though a San Diego win would be nice.

Seattle vs. San Francisco- Seattle

New York (Giants) vs. Washington- New York

Green Bay vs. Detroit- Green Bay
Remember when I was the first person to predict a Detroit collapse? Enjoy the MVP, A-Rod.

@McFleegle's Picks.

Let's cap off this depressing 2016 with some more of my sure to be depressing picks!

Baltimore @ Cincinnati: Do I have to watch this game? Really? Ugh. Ravens. Here's to the start of some REAL offseason changes.

Houston @ Tennessee: The Titans just got curb stomped by Jacksonville, so, Houston wins this one.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay: Panthers have quit. Bucs win.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis: Does it matter? Colts win, I guess.

New England @ Miami: This game could be sneaky good, but, I think the Patriots find a way to win. The fact they still have something to play for helps.

Chicago @ Minnesota: First to 10 wins? Vikings win, I guess.

Buffalo @ New York Jets: Damn, they couldn't even let Rex coach week 17 before he got canned. Buffalo wins, in an ugly game, because....well, because.

Dallas @ Philadelphia: Cowboys have nothing to play for, but that didn't stop them on Monday night against Detroit. Hell, they even ran trick plays! This game is close, but I think the Cowboys find a way to win.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh: THE BROWNS WON!!!!!!! Okay, back to reality. Steelers win, and I would hate to play them next month. They look GOOD.

New Orleans @ Atlanta: First team to 45 wins, I think. Atlanta, at home, does just enough to win.

New York Giants @ Washington: This game could be either really good, or stink terribly. Giants win, because, well, because.

Arizona @ Los Angeles: LOL. Cardinals win. Seriously, if you paid money for this game, are you nuts?

Oakland @ Denver: RIP to the raiders season, unfortunately. Matt McGloin.......sorry, Ryan. It's a shame too, because Derek Carr, I think, had a LEGIT MVP case, but now, he's gone, and Matt McGloin will be Matt McGloin. As for this game.......Denver wins, because.......Matt McGloin.

Kansas City @ San Diego: Philip Rivers cemented his status as the most overrated, arrogant, not able to back up his cockiness QB in NFL history when his chargers lost to the winless Browns last week. Now he gets KC this week? Lol. Chiefs, big.

Seattle @ San Francisco: Remember, like, 2-3 years ago when these games meant something big? Those days are LONG gone. Hawks win.

Green Bay @ Detroit: Game of the week, by far! But I don't trust the lions, and if you're putting Matt Stafford against Aaron Rodgers in a winner take all scenario, there's no way I'm picking against the NFL's second half MVP. Go Pack Go for the win!

See you in the playoffs!


Leading: Fleegle +5...

I picked the Bears, he picked the Vikings.
I picked the Eagles, he picked the Cowboys.
I picked the Raiders, he picked the Donkeys.


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