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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 4 Picks.

Updated on September 27, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Miami vs. Cincinnati- Cincinnati
As bad as both teams have been, the Bengals have to get their stuff together eventually, right? I mean, the Dolphins are just bad, right?... Right?

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville- Indianapolis
Eesh. 0-4? If only... You know what I'm gonna say.

Tennessee vs. Houston- Houston
Despite losing to who-freaking-knows at quarterback with the Patriots, I've gotta take the Texans here because the Titans are just that bad.

Cleveland vs. Washington- Washington
Something's gotta give.

Seattle vs. New York (Jets)- Seattle
How many picks did Fitzmagic throw last week? And now he faces Seattle's secondary? Mk.

Buffalo vs. New England- New England
Even if Julian "Burgertyme" Edelman starts at quarterback for the Patriots, it just seems like picking anyone but them is dumb.

Carolina vs. Atlanta- Carolina
You can't win 'em all, Panthers. Hell, the Vikings might be my NFC Super Bowl pick. And that's a shoot, brother.

Oakland vs. Baltimore- O-TOWN BAYBAYYY
I'm actually going to be live and in living color at this game, and hopefully I don't get murdered. Go Raiders.

Detroit vs. Chicago- Detroit
Detroit is my sad, sad little underdog team. But the Bears are the worst team in football. So...

Denver vs. Tampa Bay- Denver

Los Angeles vs. Arizona- Arizona
But really, who the hell knows. Who the hell knows?!

New Orleans vs. San Diego- New Orleans
Because absolutely nobody in San Diego wants to play defense at all.

Dallas vs. San Francisco- Dallas

Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh- Kansas City
This was a weird one for me. Can't say I thought I'd be picking this game this way this early in the season but... Really? The Eagles? Really?

New York (Giants) vs. Minnesota- Minnesota
Vikings vs Patriots in the ship. Calling it now.

@McFleegle's Picks.

Week 4! Lets go!

Miami @ Cincinnati: Miami needed a gift just to beat Cleveland, at home. Sheeesh. Bengals win. They need the win bad, too.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville: We care about football in London so much that we send you Indy vs. the Jags! I don't know who wins this game. The Colts haven't looked good all year, and the Jags are 0-3, so......*sigh* I guess I'll take Indianapolis.

Tennessee @ Houston: I would HATE to be Tennessee this week. Houston will not be in a good mood after getting shut out by a Jacoby Brissett or whatever that was. Texans win, big.

Cleveland @ Washington: WHO CARES?!?!? Washington wins.

Seattle @ New York Jets: Fitzpatrick threw SIX interceptions against the Chiefs on Sunday. SIX!!!!! What do you think the Seattle defense is going to do to him? Yes, I know Russell's not 100%, but I still like the Seahawks to win this one.

Buffalo @ New England: Jacoby Brissett, Julian Edelman, Peter Griffin, does it matter who the QB is for New England??? Patriots win, go to 4-0, and then, THEN, they get Tom Brady back. Scary, man.

Carolina @ Atlanta: What the hell happened to the Panthers last week??? 10 points at home and lose by 12 to SAM FREAKIN BRADFORD without AP??? Was not expecting that. And now, they go to face the suddenly hot Atlanta offense......gotta take chances to make ground in the Best In The World challenge, and this is one of those! Give me Atlanta to win!

Oakland @ Baltimore: *sigh* yes, I know the Ravens are 3-0, but, they are a VERY lucky 3-0. And, they can't run the ball to save their lives. And this week, they go against a solid Oakland defense, and an offense in the Raiders that's pretty good.......I can't believe I'm about to do this.....JUST KIDDING. Ravens get to 4-0 this week with a win over Oakland. Sorry, Ryan.

Detroit @ Chicago: Sorry, Bears fans. Your team is in major trouble right now. Lions win this one. I think.

Denver @ Tampa Bay: Denver might be the best team in football. They have the best defense, and last week Trevor Siemien proved that he in fact can be a good NFL QB when relied upon. Oh, and they get Tampa this week? Yeahhhhh......Broncos win.

Los Angeles @ Arizona: The Cardinals are going to be a REALLY mad football team this week. Now, I expect that the Rams will give them trouble for a while, but eventually I think the Cards pull away and get the win.

New Orleans @ San Diego: Drew Brees returns to San Diego! God, I don't know who wins this game. Ummmm.......Saints. Yes. They win. It's going to be a rough one, folks......

Dallas @ San Francisco: My god, the 49ers are baaaaaad. And Dallas is looking pretty strong. Tough environment for the rookie Dak, but I think he and the Cowboys get it done.

Kansas City @ Pittsburgh: Can you believe how easily Pittsburgh got destroyed by the Eagles last week??? I can't. Chiefs, meanwhile, are looking very strong. This is gonna be a doozie, but I think the Steelers win a close game.

New York Giants @ Minnesota: Hey, it's what appears to be a good looking Monday Night game! The Vikings are a very good looking team, even without AP. And the Giants, yeah, they lost last week, but, I think they're still a VERY good team in the early stages. Expect a low scoring affair here, but, I like the Giants to get the win on the road. Maybe a tad of an upset, but, I like it.

Maybe make some headway this week? Maybe fall behind?


Leading: Ryan +1

I picked the Panthers and he picked the Falcons.
I picked the Raiders and he picked the Ravens and NOBODY WAS SHOCKED.
I picked the Chiefs and he picked the Steelers.
I picked the Vikings and he picked the Giants.


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