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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 5 Picks.

Updated on October 5, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Arizona vs. San Francisco- Arizona
Honestly, I was tempted to pick the 49ers. Because the Cardinals are just so insanely inconsistent. They've lost to Jimmy G, Tyrod Taylor, and Case Keenum. Then again... the niners.

Houston vs. Minnesota- Minnesota
Hahahahahaha. Yeah. Sure. Okay.

Chicago vs. Indianapolis- Indianapolis.
The Bears are still one of the worst teams in the NFL. NEXT.

New York (Jets) vs. Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh
Well. Typical Fitzpatrick. Plays well enough to get re-signed and then completely falls apart.

Tennessee vs. Miami- Tennessee
I guess?

Philadelphia vs. Detroit- Philadelphia
I don't know, I know, ya know?

New England vs Cleveland- New England
Brady's back. Back again. Brady's back. Tell some... OH MY GOD, CALL THE POLICE, HE IS LITERALLY MURDERING THE BROWNS. JESUS.

Washington vs. Baltimore- Baltimore
Fortunately for the Ravens, they don't have to play the Raiders this week. *smug smirk emoji*

Atlanta vs. Denver- Denver
This is gonna be one hell of a game if Atlanta can show up. If their offense can keep up with Denver's D... This could get ugly. Still, I don't trust Matt Ryan.

Cincinnati vs. Dallas- Dallas
I'm riding the Dallas bandwagon for now... For now.

San Diego vs. Oakland- Oakland
The Oakland Raiders are going to be 4-1. Holy cow. 4-1. Four. And. One. That's amazing.

Buffalo vs. Los Angeles- Los Angeles
The Rams actually aren't that bad. I'm riding the momentum. Go Rams.

New York (Giants) vs. Green Bay- Green Bay
Nah. Just nah.

Tampa Bay vs. Carolina- Carolina
Someone has to win this game... right?

@McFleegle's Picks.

Week 5 is here! Week 4 left me -1 yet again. Lets jump ahead this week.

Arizona @ San Francisco: If the Cardinals don't have Carson Palmer, this game is tricky, and my fantasy team is screwed. But in the end, the 49ers still have a Blaine Gabbert thing playing QB, so I'll go with the Cardinals, with or without Palmer.

New England @ Cleveland: LOL, BRADY IS BACK, GOOD LUCK CLEVELAND. Pats roll, BIG.

Philadelphia @ Detroit: Count me as an early believer in the Carson Wentz experiment in Philly. He gets a streaky Lions team this week coming off the bye, and I think he leads the Eagles to another win.

Chicago @ Indianapolis: Ummmmmm.....Colts win? This won't be pretty, either way.

Tennessee @ Miami: You would think this sets up as an opportunity for the Dolphins to win a home game, but, the Titans have actually played much better than their 1-3 record. I'm not sold on either quarterback, but the Titans are led by the run game of DeMarco Murray (see what happens when you give him the ball, Philly?) and that's something the Dolphins just don't have. Titans do enough to come out with a road win in this one.

Washington @ Baltimore: The battle of I-95! Baltimore almost pulled it out last week, but way too many mental mistakes and coaching mistakes cost them. Washington is looking a little better since the way the year started, but, I still like my Ravens to pull it out this week. 4-1 through 5 weeks would be nice!

Houston @ Minnesota: Too early to declare the Vikings as NFC favorites? With Sam Bradford at quarterback? And no Adrian Peterson? They roll over the Texans this week.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh: The Jets are hot garbage right now. The Steelers just killed the Chiefs. Give me the Steelers to win, big.

Atlanta @ Denver: I don't know if this is necessarily an "upset", but, I'm going with my gut and picking Atlanta on the road this week. Yes, I know Denver is undefeated. Yes, I know that defense is phenomenal. But, if Siemian is playing hurt, that limits the Denver offense, and right now, the Atlanta offense is playing on a different level. When the dust settles, I think the Falcons get the win.

Cincinnati @ Dallas: The Bengals are the better team, and they should win this game. Go with that. Don't think any more into it than that.

Buffalo @ Los Angeles: How about Buffalo shutting out the Patriots? How about the Rams being 3-1? How about I don't care who wins this game? Rams win and go to 4-1.

San Diego @ Oakland: The Raiders are for real, folks. I'll leave it to Ryan to tell you how for real they are. And this is a great opportunity for them to grab a home division win this week. DON'T SCREW THIS UP, OAKLAND!!!!!!! Raiders win.

New York Giants @ Green Bay: That's the last time I pick the Giants for a while after last week. Packers win. Go Pack Go!

Tampa Bay @ Carolina: Cam Newton getting a potential extra recovery day is big, but frankly, I don't care who the QB is. Carolina gets the W this week.

Enjoy the games, everyone!


Leading, now and forever: Ryan +1

I picked the Broncos and he picked the Falcons.
I picked the Cowboys and he picked the Bengals

And that's it! Pretty sympatico this week.


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