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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 6 Picks.

Updated on October 12, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Denver vs. San Diego- Denver
They don't have to play the Falcons every week. And as we've seen, the Chargers will find ways to lose games that matter.

San Francisco vs. Buffalo- Buffalo
I know, right? What a wacky, wild world we wander, I wonder... What?

Philadelphia vs. Washington- Philadelphia
The rookie quarterback had to lose eventually, and Detroit isn't anywhere near as bad as everyone thinks they are.

Cleveland vs. Tennessee- Tennessee
What an ugly game. What an ugly, ugly game.

Baltimore vs. New York (Giants)- New York
You know what helps a trouble team? Winning. Know what helps a young Odell Beckham Jr. get his head out of his head and shoulder commercials? Playing a questionable secondary.

Carolina vs. New Orleans- Carolina
Believe it or not, I believe the Panthers are still a pretty good team. Injuries, free agent losses, and the failure to make adjustments have hurt them early this year, but they're just fine.

Jacksonville vs. Chicago- Jacksonville.
At least the Cubs are good, Chicago.

Los Angeles vs. Detroit- Detroit
The battle of the blah. Detroit has been my pet bad team this year, and I believe they'll win this match.

Pittsburgh vs. Miami- Pittsburgh

Cincinnati vs. New England- New England
Please. The Squeaquel.

Kansas City vs. Oakland- Oakland
Wouldn't 5-1 just sound so fantastic?

Atlanta vs. Seattle- Seattle
Wow. This game is going to be crazy! But Sherman matches up well with Julio, and the Seahawks are rested and the game is in Seattle.

Dallas vs. Green Bay- Green Bay
I don't trust Dak. At all.

Indianapolis vs. Houston- Indianapolis
Bet Houston is really, REALLY wishing they had taken Carr and Mack now...

New York (Jets) vs. Arizona- Arizona
So many Fitzinterceptions.

@McFleegle's Picks.

Week 6 is here. Onto the picks:

Denver @ San Diego: San Diego is creating new ways to lose. And against a great defense this week? I don't care who is starting at QB for Denver, the Broncos get the win.

San Francisco @ Buffalo: Colin Kaeperjoke is back as starting QB for the 49ers and all is right with the it's not. I think the Bills go to 4-2 with a nice home win this week.

Philadelphia @ Washington: Well, we knew the Eagles weren't going 16-0. I think the get back on track with a win over Washington this week.

Cleveland @ Tennessee: Dear lord. Whose even playing QB for the Browns this week?? Titans win, big. They're quietly making noise in the AFC South.

Baltimore @ New York Giants: Eli is going to destroy our secondary, and our offensive line is going to get Joe Flacco killed. Giants win. *sigh*

Carolina @ New Orleans: The secondary for Carolina is more of a hot mess than the QB's in Cleveland. This game has 400+ yards from Drew Bree's written alllllll over it. Saints win.

Jacksonville @ Chicago: Don't watch this game. No. Just, no. Bears win.

Los Angeles @ Detroit: The Rams were so disappointing last week. I like the Lions at home for the win. Also, paging Todd Gurley.....

Pittsburgh @ Miami: LOLOLOLOLOL. Steelers. BIG.

Cincinnati @ New England: Patriots. Don't even think twice about it. Really, don't.

Kansas City @ Oakland: If the Raiders aren't careful, they will lose this game. That being said, I think Oakland gets to 5-1 (5-1 people!) with a win.

Atlanta @ Seattle: Falcons just kept on rolling last week! I like them, but.....Seattle just doesn't lose these games at home. Seahawks win, barely.

Dallas @ Green Bay: How bout Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott??? Yeah, right??? Sorry, Green Bay teaches them a lesson this week. Packers win.

Indianapolis @ Houston: Is it too early to start flexing the SNF games??? Dear lord, this is bad. Why couldn't WWE have a pay per view THIS SUNDAY instead??? The Texans are HORRIBLE right now. Not like the Colts are THAT much better, but they have things more figured out than Houston does. Plus, no JJ Watt......yeah, colts win.

New York Jets @ Arizona: Not picking the Jets again until further notice. Cardinals win, because Carson Palmer has to get going one of these weeks.

I swear, if Ryan keeps being +1, I'm gonna pull all my hair out.


Leading: Ryan +1
(Now and forever)

I picked the Panthers, he picked the Saints.
I picked the Jaguars, he picked the Bears.


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