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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 7 Picks.

Updated on October 19, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Chicago vs. Green Bay- Green Bay
Go see where the Bears are in my power rankings and let me know.

New York (Giants) vs. Los Angeles- New York
I can't tell you how much I don't care about ODB's drama or his love/hate relationship with the net. Seriously. I can't. But the Rams are dreadful on offense so.

New Orleans vs. Kansas City- Kansas City
In Arrowhead? No way.

Indianapolis vs. Tennessee- Indianapolis
Coming off a bye week, the Colts better be able to beat the lowly Titans.

Minnesota vs. Philadelphia- Minnesota
Carson Wentz struggled against the Redskins. You really think he's gonna do well against the best team in football?

Cleveland vs. Cincinnati- Cincinnati
Fortunately for the Bengals, they don't have to play Tom Brady this week.

Washington vs. Detroit- Washington
Admittedly, Washington's defense came to play last week. Cousins looked good, but he also made some really scary plays. And not scary in a good way.

Oakland vs. Jacksonville- Oakland
This game is gonna be a quarterback duel. Blake Bortles vs. Derek Carr. Do I need say more?

Buffalo vs. Miami- Buffalo
Buffalo... Buf... bu... but what? What?!

Baltimore vs. New York (Jets)- Baltimore
If the Ravens can't win this game, they should just leave John Harbaugh in New Jersey.

Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco- Tampa Bay
The 49ers are a disaster. Chip Kelly strikes again!.

San Diego vs. Atlanta- Atlanta
Wow this game is going to be fun. The 4th of July might come early in Hotlanta.

New England vs. Pittsburgh- New England
The Steelers just lost to Miami. Miami.

Seattle vs. Arizona- Seattle
Please. The Cardinals aren't half the team we thought they were, and I never thought they were all that great.

Houston vs. Denver- Denver
If you thought Brock Osweiler was going to come back and take his revenge, you're stupid.

@McFleegle's Picks.

This -1 garbage is starting to get old. Into the picks......

Chicago @ Green Bay: Although it's true that this Packers offense is not what it used to be, the Bears are teeeeeeeerrible, so Green Bay will grab a win this week.

New York Giants @ Los Angeles: This game could go either way, but Eli Manning has two rings, and Case Keenum......doesn't. Giants win.

New Orleans @ Kansas City: Chiefs scored a big win last week at Oakland, and I like them again this week. Saints aren't the same away from home.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee: Brutal game here. Brutal. Colts win, I think. I don't know.

Minnesota @ Philadelphia: Teams are figuring out the Eagles just a little bit, and now here comes the last undefeated team in football into town off a bye week. I like the Vikings to make Wentz struggle again this week and get the win.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati: Bengals. That's all I got.

Washington @ Detroit: Call me crazy, but I like the Lions in this one. Washington is due for a slip up.

Oakland @ Jacksonville: Raiders should win this week, but they better be careful or else they'll get caught.

Buffalo @ Miami: Buffalo, I guess. But wouldn't be surprised to see the Dolphins steal it.

Baltimore @ New York Jets: Ugh. Thank god the Jets are a mess. Ravens win. I hope.

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco: BLAH! Tampa Bay. Kaeperjoke will suck again.

San Diego @ Atlanta: Nothing for the Falcons to be ashamed of, they went to Seattle and gave them all they could handle. Nice way to bounceback this week with the Chargers coming to town. Falcons win.

New England @ Pittsburgh: Tom Brady vs. Landry Jones? Just stop it. Patriots, by 3 TD's.

Seattle @ Arizona: Hawks should roll in this one, unless Arizona figured things out, which I don't think they did.

Houston @ Denver: How the hell is Houston 4-2??? Broncos win this one.



Leading: Ryan +1
(Seriously? Still? Seriously?)

I picked the Redskins and he picked the Lions.






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