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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 8 Picks.

Updated on October 27, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Jacksonville vs. Tennessee- Jacksonville
Is anyone going to watch this game? Like, at all?

Washington vs. Cincinnati- Cincinnati
Is AJ Green human? Asking for a friend.

Kansas City vs. Indianapolis- Kansas City
One team is mediocre and surrounds a great quarterback. One team is great and supports a mediocre quarterback. You tell me which is which.

Oakland vs. Tampa Bay- Oakland
For the love of God, Please?

Arizona vs. Carolina- Carolina
Can you believe this was a NFC Championship game a few months ago?The Panthers need to prove that they can win games. Coming off of a bye, this is their chance.

Seattle vs. New Orleans- Seattle
Please. Seattle owns Drew Brees. They always have and they always will. At least this game might have some offense.

Detroit vs. Houston- Detroit
Just watch.

New England vs. Buffalo- New England
Annnnn the Cinderella story comes to a crashing halt. Sorry Rex.

New York (Jets) vs. Cleveland- Cleveland
It's just a gut feeling. The Browns are going to win this game.

San Diego vs. Denver- San Diego
It's weird to see these teams playing again so soon. But... Here they are. And I'm predicting the same result as the best division in football gets interesting.

Green Bay vs. Atlanta- Atlanta
The Atlanta Falcons are going to blow out the Green Bay Packers. Mark. My. Words.

Philadelphia vs. Dallas- Dallas
This game will be very interesting. Two rookie quarterbacks facing off in what could become a long rivalry. Dallas runs all over the Eagles.

Minnesota vs. Chicago- Minnesota
How about those Cubs, right?

@McFleegle's Picks.

HEY........WE'RE TIED!!!!!!

Jacksonville @ Tennessee: And the NFL wonders why ratings are down, when they give us primetime games like these? Titans win, because Jacksonville is just.....just.....just.....just.

Washington @ Cincinnati: The AFC North is still open for the taking, with Big Ben being hurt and the Ravens being the Ravens. I think Cincy gets another big win this London!

Kansas City @ Indianapolis: The Chiefs should win this game, but knowing the Colts, they'll screw that up by deciding to play well at home.....nah, Chiefs win.

Oakland @ Tampa Bay: Las Vegas has the Raiders as an underdog. Think about that. An underdog.....against the Bucs? Bet all your money on Oakland this week. Raiders win, again.

Seattle @ New Orleans: It's really a question of which Saints team shows up. If it's the Saints team that can score 40+ a game at home, this will be a good game. If it's anything less than that, it's over. Unfortunately for the Saints though, they still don't have a defense to stop the Hawks. So, Seattle gets the win this week.

Detroit @ Houston: The Texans are another one of those teams that are better at home....but let's be honest, Brock Osweiler is hot garbage, man. No pressure on Detroit in this game allows them to play loose, and I think the Lions walk away with a big road win.

New York Jets @ Cleveland: COULD THIS BE THE WEEK CLEVELAND WINS THEIR FIRST GAME?????, it's not. Jets win, because as baaaaaad as the Jets are, the Browns are that much worse.

New England @ Buffalo: Buffalo shocked New England in New England the first time this year, but that's when the Patriots had a Jacoby Brissett robot thingy playing QB. Now? It's Brady time, and do you think for a second he's gonna let Buffalo go 2-0 against the Pats this year? New England wins this game.

Arizona @ Carolina: An NFC Title game rematch! Unfortunately. both these teams just aren't good this year. And believe it or not, I like Arizona to win this week. Until Carolina can show me their secondary issues are resolved, why pick them?

San Diego @ Denver: It was truly shocking to me when the Chargers beat the Broncos a couple of weeks ago. It really was. I don't think Lightning will strike twice (HA, see what I did there?). Broncos get the win this time around.

Green Bay @ Atlanta: This should be a really good game, but it won't be if the Packers don't figure out their problems on offense. At home, in the dome, with that offense? Give me Atlanta to long as there's no crucial 4th and 1 calls to worry about!

Philadelphia @ Dallas: Just when you thought it might be time to bury the Eagles, they go out and beat the only undefeated team remaining in football last week, setting up a huge primetime showdown with the Cowboys this week. All eyes will be on the two rookie quarterbacks, but it really comes down to whether there Eagles can stop Ezekiel Elliott or not. I don't think they will, and I think the Cowboys win, in a close close game.

Minnesota @ Chicago: So it's back to Jay Cutler.......*sigh*. Vikings win.

Thank God the Ravens have a bye this week. Thank. God.



I'm picking the Jaguars while Conner's picking the TItans.
I'm taking the Browns while Conner's taking the Jets.
I'm taking the Chargers while Conner's taking the Broncos.
I'm taking the Panthers while Conner's taking the Cardinals.


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