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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Week 9 Picks.

Updated on November 2, 2016

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks

Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay- Atlanta
Please. The Buccaneers couldn't win a game if they had 200 penalty yards.

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore- Pittsburgh
Sorry Conner, I just don't see it this week.

Dallas vs. Cleveland- Dallas

Jacksonville vs. Kansas City- Kansas City
Even without Alex Smith, this game is a blowout. Funny how that works. And yet nobody is calling HIM a system QB.

New York (Jets) vs. Miami- Miami
Coming off of two wins and a bye, against Ryan Fitzpatrick and company? Yeah, okay.

Detroit vs. Minnesota- Detroit
I know this feels like a leap. But no offensive coordinator against a deceptively good Lions team? I'm calling my shot.

Philadelphia vs. New York (Giants)- New York
Wentz and the Eagles started hot, but they've fallen apart of late. I'm taking the Giants here.

Carolina vs. Los Angeles- Carolina
"We don't have a QB problem", says the coach after his team loses by less than a touchdown despite his QB throwing four picks.

New Orleans vs. San Francisco- New Orleans

Indianapolis vs. Green Bay- Green Bay.
Andrew Luck was supposed to be the next big thing at quarterback. But the Colts are bad, Pagano is an idiot, and I have nothing appropriate to say about Irsay so I'll say nothing at all.

Tennessee vs. San Diego- San Diego
No seriously.

Denver vs. Oakland- Oakland
Carr's an MVP candidate? The Raiders are for real? Let's see it then.

Buffalo vs. Seattle- Seattle.
Out of respect for my friend Doug, I will simply shrug and say "Any given Sunday?"

@McFleegle's Picks.

HEYYYYY RYAN.......+2!!!!

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay: Falcons should win this one, with relative ease. I mean, Tampa couldn't beat Oakland at home when the raiders committed a billion penalties, so...

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore: *sigh* unless the Ravens brought back the ghosts of Chris Mcallister and Ray Lewis during the bye, I don't think they have a shot. Not with this offense. And I don't care who the QB for Pittsburgh is. Steelers win. *sigh*

Dallas @ Cleveland: LOL. Cowboys.

Jacksonville @ Kansas City: LOL. Chiefs.

New York Jets @ Miami: Someone has to win, right? Dolphins win. Jets are due for a crapper.

Philadelphia @ New York Giants: This should be a good one, but I'll take the Giants at home. They have a little too much for the Eagles this week.

Detroit @ Minnesota: Just when you put faith in the Lions, they go and have a bad one. And the Vikings can't wait to get home after losing 2 straight. If the Vikings can protect Bradford, they'll roll with ease. Vikings win.

Carolina @ Los Angeles: There's no way I would have done this last year, but......nope, can't do it. Panthers win, and we get closer to the era of Goff.

New Orleans @ San Francisco: How about those saints last week??? And they'll make it two in a row this week! Saints win over the LOL worthy 49ers.

Tennessee @ San Diego: Chargers win, in what's going to be an ugly game.

Indianapolis @ Green Bay: The colts can't be picked until further notice. Packers roll.

Denver @ Oakland: A good one on our hands here! If Oakland is going to be for real this year, this is a big game for them that they have to win. And ya know what? I think they do! Rrrrrrrrraiders win!

Buffalo @ Seattle: LOL. Seahawks roll. That's 3 LOL games this week, if you're counting at home. Which you should be.

I don't see us disagreeing a lot this week. Am I right?


Leading: McFleegle +2

Only one disagreement this week, and it's a doozy.

I picked the Lions, he picked the Vikings.
Stafford... Don't let me down.


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