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Best In The World Challenge. The Final Showdown. Wildcard Picks.

Updated on January 7, 2017

@RyanSmithLWOS' Picks.

Oakland vs. Houston- Houston
Because I'm sad.

Detroit vs. Seattle- Seattle
Because I'm happy?

Miami vs. Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh
Back to sad

New York vs. Green Bay- New York
Going out on a limb

@McFleegle's Picks.

Hey! Playoffs are here!

Oakland @ Houston: This game is going to be ugly. Connor Cook vs. Brock Osweiler......yikes. Common thinking says to go with Houston, but Osweiler has been so bad this year.......I'm going with the Raiders! Yup! Raiders for the victory!

Detroit @ Seattle: The Lions are fading at the wrong time of the year, as they tend to do every year. And now they get to go play Seattle on the road.....come on, man. Hawks win.

Miami @ Pittsburgh: Miami beat a banged up steelers team in the regular season matchup, but now, they have a backup QB and the Steelers are at full strength. Pretty easy pick here. Steelers shouldn't have a problem in getting this win.

New York Giants @ Green Bay: This is a great great matchup. I flip flopped on this game for a while, but.......I don't know. Rodgers has had that team motivated for the last 6 weeks, but the Giants defense is something else, man. Ummmm.......Go Pack Go for the win, but it's going to be oh so close.

We'll see what happens this week!


Leading: Fleegle +8...

I picked the Texans, he picked the Raiders.
I picked the Giants, he picked the Packers.


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