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Best Micro and Nano Evil Cache Containers for Evil Hides

Updated on April 15, 2015

Nano evil cache containers are loved by some experienced geocahcers for the added adventure. But others avoided evil hides being too difficult or just cliché. Evil hides should make the search more challenging and unique. However, the micro cache in the tree has been done and is not a challenge or unique to expert geocachers. A good evil geocache hide should have the container hiding in an unexpected place, and be well hidden. They are often hidden in plain sight however by blending into the natural landscape of the area. These are some of the best geocache containers for keeping the cache well hidden from muggles, and give a challenge to new or experienced geocachers.

Rusty Magnetic Bolt Geocache Container

Here's a chance to hide a geocache in plain sight. This is a hollowed out metal bolt that can stick to any metal surface with a magnet. Just large enough to fit a log sheet, you may frustrate geocachers that have yet to encounter a bolt container. But it's unlikely to spotted by a muggle either. You can buy this with or without rust to match the surrounding "landscape."

Penny Geocache Container

This is a small plastic tube, large enough only for a log, with a penny glued to the lid. Sink the tube into the dirt or other soft ground and all you will see is a penny. However, you may want to hide this one away from muggles, as some may find picking up a penny too tempting. The small rolled up log comes with the penny-topped tubes.

Nano Evil Cache Containers

Smaller than a micro, the nano does hold a log and has magnets. They are made to be waterproof and painted black to hide in the shadows. Perfect for metal surfaces in urban or more peaceful hides.

Large Camo Geocache Container

Some experienced geocachers have come to expect the micro or nano evil hide. If you really want to create a challenge and surprise, try hiding a larger cache that's just as difficult to find as a micro or nano. A camo geocache, such as a Lock & Lock plastic container that's been artistically camouflaged with paint will be harder to find. You can paint it to blend with most any natural setting, so you can get creative with a larger geocache evil hide.

Evil Cache Variety Pack

The Tricky Cache Pack includes a variety of evil hide choices, including a bold, utility plate, sprinkler, rock and nano cache. All great for high difficulty rated caches.

Rock Micro Containers

These are plastic tubes with rocks attached to the top. The tube is just large enough for a log and short pencil and is waterproof.

Evil Geocache Containers on eBay

You can also find some creative evil cache containers for sale on eBay. Some of these can be left right out in the open and have geocachers walking in circles looking for them. Ferns, mushrooms, rocks, and magnets are just some of the container inventions found on eBay.


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