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Best Paintball Gun and Hopper Combo In 2015: Dye DM15 and R2 Hopper

Updated on February 18, 2016

Choosing The Fastest Loader For A Paintball Marker

There are many paintball hoppers on the market, and choosing the fastest loader for your paintball gun can sometimes be confusing. But if your looking for the most radical innovation in paintball loader technology, consider taking a look at the Dye Rotor R2 Paintball Hopper which is capable of achieving mind-blowing feed rates and reliability all at the same time. It's design is incredible as it offers a low maintenance design and no tools are required to make any adjustments.

The Dye Rotor R2 Paintball Hopper has an adjustable ball capacity between 200-260 paintballs, a 15% larger lid opening with a rapid release safeguard system, a reload alert system that tells you when you are low on paintballs in the hopper, a low batter indicator, dynamic force control, tool-less disassembly, a spring loaded inner floor, improved feed reliability, adjustable drive tension, positive feed live hinge tray, patented rotor feed technology, and it only weighs 1.1 lbs.

With all of these features, different colors to choose from, alert systems and patented design - you can be sure that you will be able to quickly load paintballs into your paintball marker barrel with ease, precision and reliability. But before we move on to the best paintball guns to use with this high performance R2 rotor paintball loader. Lets take a look at what all of these features mean, this information comes from the inside packaging of the Dye R2 rotor hopper.

  • Patented Rotor Paintball Feed Technology - The proven rotor platform delivers unmatched performance. A re-engineered feed system yields improved feeding reliability and confidence. The patented rotor carousel provides a consistent, high feed rate, which far exceeds pro level requirements.
  • Tool-Less Disassembly - The R2 can be effortlessly broken down for cleaning or maintenance without tools. This is smart elegant engineering, designed with the player in mind.
  • Adjustable Ball Capacity - The R2 gives you the freedom to switch between high and low capacity. You choose between 200 paintball and 260 paintball capacity at any time, without the need of tools or spare parts.
  • Rapid Release Safeguard System - The R2 benefits from the new rapid release safeguard system. This system allows you to change between lid and quick feed at a moments notice, depending on what you prefer when playing paintball.
  • Reload Alert System - The R2 gives you a progressive alert as you deplete your paintball reservoir. The reload alert system lets you know when the R2 is low on paintballs, which means time to reload your paintball hopper.
  • Active Power Conservation - The R2 actively monitors power needs and continuously optimizes the power supply. This active conservation of power makes the R2 extremely efficient, and provides exceptional battery life.
  • Low Power Indicator - The R2 alerts you with a red indicator light when the batteries have reached a low level that could decrease your performance.
  • Spring Loaded Floor Tray - The collapsing floor tray allows maximum ball capacity, but at the same time it ensures that you get reliable feeding down to the last ball.
  • Unparalleled Feed Rate - With the most consistent, high speed feed rate on the market, the rotor is certain to keep up with any marker it is feeding.
  • Jam Release Trigger - In the rare event of a paintball getting jammed, which is caused by oversized or out of round paint, simply give the jam release trigger a quick pull and you are back in action.
  • R2 Large Mouth Lid Opening - The R2 has a 15% larger capacity than the previous model, the large mouth lid opening on the R2 allows for effortless reloading of your R2 rotor hopper.

Dye DM15

Best Speedball Paintball Marker To Use With the R2 Rotor Loader

The Dye DM15 is the newer paintball marker that is an upgrade for the DM14, its received remarkable reviews for its performance and is considered among the best of professional paintball markers. There are many differences between the Dye DM15 and DM14, one of them is that the Dye DM15 has a much more comfortable feel to it when holding it. One of the things that makes the DM15 so much more comfortable to shoot with is the fact that it weighs only 2.2 lbs and therefore is lighter than the DM14. It also has the low profile gas thru designs, and modifications like the Hype 4 regulator that make it as light as fully mechanical Azodin Kaos Paintball Marker.

But the real centerpiece that makes the DM15 superior to other paintball guns is the new aftermarket bolt that DYE also decided to add to the Matrix15. The "Billy Wing Bolt" is designed to work at lower pressures with less kick for improved accuracy and less bolt-stick. This can be a huge money saver because upgrading the bolt on a paintball gun can cost hundreds of dollars by itself. With the Billy Wing Bolt, you are able to shoot out an extra 3-4 rounds per second compared to other high performance paintball markers and it also increases your shooting efficiency which is why the DM15 is the fastest shooting paintball marker on the market, especially when its equipped with the Dye R2 Rotor Paintball Hopper.

While the Dye DM15 is one of the more expensive paintball markers out there, its still perfectly fine to use the Dye DM14 paintball marker or any other speedball marker. Simply by upgrading your paintball hopper to the R2 Rotor Paintball Hopper will do wonders for your paintball game and give you that extra competitive edge that will surely intimidate other players.

Best Paintball Marker For Under $500

The Planet Eclipse Etha is a great paintball gun for both beginners and advanced paintball players, its very efficient and accurate when it comes to shooting, and very easy to use and maintain. It is a small lightweight speedball marker meaning that it is very durable and easy to carry around. There are also huge benefits to using this gun because it there is only one screw to remove on the grip which makes cleaning extremely easy. If your a beginner, taking your paintball gun apart for cleaning with ease is something you'll really appreciate because some of the more complex guns can be a little more tedious to take apart for cleaning the paintball gun. In addition to being a paintball gun that is very easy to use, it also fires very rapidly and won't chop your paintballs.

Like many other high performance guns that are more expensive, the Planet Eclipse Etha can fire up to 1000 paintballs on an air tank that is filled to 4,000 psi. Its an extremely accurate gun and has a high quality regulator that can handle different output pressures from your tank, and it has multiple firing modes including capped and uncapped semi-automatic mode that you can easily change during gameplay. If you want a high end gun that doesn't cost as much as the most expensive guns, this is the one to choose it has many of the features that some of the most expensive paintball markers have so you won't be missing out on much.

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