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Best Players of Euro 2012

Updated on August 2, 2012

These are some of the players that helped to light up the 2012 European Championships of 2012. There are some others that might well have been included here but are in the best newcomers hub


Iker Casillas ( Spain) Gianluigi Buffon ( Germany) Manuel Neuer (Germany) All 3 are now really established as their countrys number 1 goalkeeper and although none of them was particularly hard worked in most of the games when they did need to come into action they each pulled off some great saves.


Sergio Ramos (Spain) Gerard Pique ( Spain) Giorgio Chiellini (Italy) Pepe ( Portugal) Fabio Coentrao ( Portugal ) Phillip Lahm ( Germany)

All good quality and experienced players who had good tournaments. Coentrao and Lahm are always good going forward. Pepe and Chiellini are in the aggressive ball winning role and they helped their countries have good tournaments. Ramos and Pique can both defend aggressively when they have to and they are ideal in this passing Spanish team for bringing the ball skilfully out of defence.


Andres Iniesta (Spain) Xavi (Spain) Cesc Fabregas (Spain) Xabi Alonso (Spain) David Silva (Spain) Andrea Pirlo (Italy) Daniele De Rossi (Italy) Claudio Marchisio (Italy) Joao Moutinho (Portugal) Steven Gerrard (England)

A few members of Spains great midfield are included. They are all comfortable on the ball and composed whether it’s setting up chances or taking a shot at goal themselves. The Italian midfield done well throughout the tournament and the 3 mentioned here were possibly their best in those positions. Pirlo scored a great free kick and was so composed throughout the games, setting up great chances for others. De Rossi and Marchisio also had good tournaments. Closing down their opponents while also showing good composure on the ball and were both unlucky not to score on several occasions. Portugals Moutinho probably doesn’t get as much attention as some of his team mates but he had a great tournament. Winning plenty of tackles and being very effective in setting up team mates. England captain Gerrard had a good tournament and his crosses helped set up a goal in each of the group games as well as an overall good contribution.


Cristiano Ronaldo ( Portugal ) Mario Gomez ( Germany) Antonio Cassano ( Italy) Fernando Torres ( Spain)

None of the forwards were on top form all the way through the tournament so there might be some surprising choices here.

Ronaldo started sluggishly and missed a lot of chances in the first couple of games but then scored 3 goals in the next 2. He missed chances but overall had a good tournament and was as usual one of the most exciting players to watch. Gomez also scored 3 goals but he did things the opposite way round to Ronaldo in scoring them in the first couple of games and then nothing. After misfiring at the last 2 major tournaments he scored some good goals and looked a threat if the delivery was good. Cassano Only scored 1 goal but he looked a threat and linked up well with his team mates. Good at holding the ball up waiting for support but also at taking defences on himself. Torres scored 3 goals and although he missed chances there was a feeling that in the games he played he was getting into some form and confidence.

Which player do you think was the best of Euro 2012

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    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      @James lets be honest. Barca's backline is older and unfit. They have great midfield strength but the slower and weaker the back four are, when you play the catalan style, the far more exposed they are to counterattack.

      That is why Chelsea was and has been, in the drogba era so dangerous for them. The danger for the catalan style is a team with players who can hold possession from the lob, not flick like CR7 but hold it like Drogba and push the Catalan midfield back.

      During the regular season Barca's backline will not be sergio ramos, pique, and xabi alonso, it will be pique and the aged puyol and most likely dani alves and jordi alba, and that proves that Dani alves and Jordi Alba will make runs high leaving Barca's backline at 2 at times and that is dangerous for them with Pique and Puyol, they will beat many teams but top teams. I dont think so.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Yes Richard you may be right about Pique. There are always players who can hide their weaknesses to an extent in a great team.

    • profile image

      Richard-Murray 5 years ago

      I disagree with Pique, I still see him as a liability. He is fortunate and you have to wonder about Barca in the season to come. Pique is the guy that handles the big center forwards. He doesn't stand a chance with the way he has played in this tournament.

      Sometimes teams structure and form hide individual players weaknesses. Pique is slow and fatigued.

      The guy for Jiracek, he should be in the midfield list.

      Fernando Torres doesn't deserve this list. I am not a torres hater, but he is not on form compared to Balotelli, he should be on this list.

      @Thomas Swan

      Chiellini got injured here, and that was a big problem for Italy, but he started this torunament with De Rossi a the best defense in the back.

      Alba is fortunate to play in the Spain system. He is short and not physically potent. I think barca may have even made a strategic mistake with Alba. Short defenders who have speed are great against average opponents but during the latter stages of the UEFA CL, I worry about ALba if Barca face a big team.


      England played without a midfield setup. Gerrard had to do it all thus it made him look very poor.

      Team structure and roster has a part to play in how players look.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for commentingCCahill.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for commenting CyclingFitness. Yes i was looking at overall performances and goals and assists and Gerrards assist in each group game got him in.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for sharing this Thomas. I was going to pick Alba but in the end i just put him and Balotelli in the best newcomers hub.

      Yes i put Gerrard in because he made a few goals. I wanted to vary it a little and knock pick the whole Spain team so i looked for one or two others who had contributed something.

    • Thomas Swan profile image

      Thomas Swan 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Yea, Gerrard was one of our better players, but there were 1 or 2 better performers in the England team. However, not even they should be on a best player list. Its all a matter of opinion though. I can see why some would think Gerrard did really well. CyclingFitness often has harsh words to say on football hubs; at least in my experience!

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Ah i dunno i think this Gerrard bashing is a little harsh, he got 3 assists? More than anyone but Silva? its not his fault that he was made to play a defensive role which stifled him, by all rights he should have had a 4th assist when he bust a nut to counter and sent Rooney well on his way but Rooney fluffed his lines.

      He did what he did in a bad team, under poor tactics.

    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 5 years ago from Nottingham UK

      Cant take this hub seriously with the inclusion of Steven Gerard. He was very poor for England and the game often seemed to pass him by- my real let down of the tournament alongside Wayne Rooney.

    • Thomas Swan profile image

      Thomas Swan 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Interesting. Not sure about Cheillini, Gerrard or Torres; also I think Alba should be in there. Otherwise, you've picked most of the best players I think.

      Gerrard reminded me of Beckham - great delivery, and comes out with the assists, but not sure what else he offered.

      Voted up, shared on hubpages and twittered.