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Best Pool Floats For Adults 2012

Updated on May 28, 2012

In an effort to find a relaxing swimming pool float, several models available in 2012 were reviewed. For comparison, the ideal swimming pool float is a stable pool raft which is designed for an adult, that supports the head well out of the water, but allows the person floating to lay partially in the water to keep cool. Storage of the raft during and after the swimming season is also a factor. The pool float that was found to be the best in these categories is listed on top.

1. Kelsyus Water Hammock

1. Kelsyus Water Hammock

The Kelsyus Water Hammock has a simple design that meets all the criteria of the review. It offers stable floating, but keeps floaters cool in the water. The water hammock is easy to set up and store for the winter. It has an inflatable outer ring and inflatable pillow. The pillow is large enough to keep the head completely out of the water during pool use. The float features a metal spring ring that allows it to be folded and stored compactly, once the air is released from the inflatable section. The only cons of this raft are for larger individuals and people who want to float above the water. This raft is not designed for heavy individuals and people floating on this raft are certainly going to get wet.

2. Spring Float Recliner by Swimways and others.

A spring float recliner has the bendable metal ring, like a regular spring float, but adds an inflatable seating area and head pillow. If the inflatable portion is deflated, the float can be easily stored by coiling up the metal ring. This adult swimming float is stable because of its low center of gravity. You will get wet when using a spring float recliner, but isn't that the idea. Taller users will want a longer recliner, but this raft can accommodate those up to just over 6' tall.

3. Sevylor Inflatable Infinity Mattress

The Sevylor Inflatable Infinity Mattress is a little more expensive, but for adults who like to lay down and fall asleep on a stable air mattress, this is a great choice. This float does not sit down in the water too far, but does allow water contract, especially with larger floaters. It also features a removable, washable cover to help it stay clean for a longer time.

4. Classic Floating Pool Lounger

The design of the classic pool lounger has been around for a few years, but it remains a solid design. This float is now priced relatively cheap. The price has actually gone down from a few years ago. It is a fully inflatable raft. The opening on the foot side allows users to stand up and back onto the float easily. This makes entering the raft easier than some designs. The double pillow can be a little awkward, but if positioned right, does support the head well. The quality of the material is typically on the lower side for the classic lounger, but it is reflected in the lower cost. These floats will last at least one full season, if not longer if properly stored.

5. Foam Pool Lounger

Foam pool floats have been around for more than 20 years with a similar design. This type replaces the inflatable raft with a solid foam core. The foam is usually sealed with a rubber or plastic coating for comfort and durability. Since they are not an inflatable, they can be very durable for multiple years. The foam lounger is a stable float that allows the floater to be partially submerged in the water. The only cons with this product is the initial cost and that it takes up more storage space in the winter.


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