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Best Putters 2016

Updated on November 8, 2015

If you are trying to improve your score, bettering your putting game is definitely the way to go. To become a good putter takes good technique, concentration and the right equipment. While these putters won't put the ball in the hole for you, they can certainly make it easier.

In best putters 2016 we will shortly look at some of the best new putters on the market. A big part of putting is confidence, with enough practice and the right equipment that confidence will come naturally. You'd be surprised how confident you can get and how much of a change it can make in your game.

Best putter 2016
Best putter 2016

Odyssey White Ice 2Ball V-LINE Putter (35, Right Hand) Odyssey White Ice 2Ball V-LINE Putter

This Odyssey putter has been developed with the help of pros on tour, so you know you are buying one at the cutting edge of technology.

The triangular head has been designed to help you in lining up your putts. It does this by using the two ball design on the head and I find it does make a difference. By using this feature your putt can be lined up quicker and you feel more confident in having the right line. It is a good putter for increasing your accuracy.

It also has a multi layer head, which I find really does help in the feel of the putter. It comes across as responding much better to your touch. This better feeling gives you more confidence and that can bring better consistency.

The inner core of the putter is stiffer than before, which gives you better control over distance putts. This is very helpful for those who have a habit of leaving approach shots too short.

The face has a rougher texture which is designed to create more friction which helps in pushing the ball forward. It is a little thing that can help you especially with the longer putts.

It might be more towards the expensive end of putters but you can feel it is a quality putter in your hands.

Cheap putter 2016
Cheap putter 2016

Intech Trakker Model 1

The putter does not go for fancy shapes but instead sticks with the original classic design. It is very well balanced and is not too heavy in the hand, which gives it a better feel.

It really is not expensive at all but the main thing with this putter is it does the basics well. The Intech connects with the ball cleanly and you can maintain a great degree of control. For me it is a putter that lets you focus on your technique without thinking about all of the extras, you get on some putters. If you are fed up of all the additions that have appeared on putters then this really is no frills.

It is ideal for those just starting out as well the more experienced golfer.

Top putter 2016
Top putter 2016

TaylorMade Rossa Monza Itsy Bitsy Spider Putter

This mallet putter at first looks quite mad and for some the way it looks could put you off. However, if you manage to look past this part, it actually is a very good putter. It does have a big brother but although this one is 20% smaller it makes clean connection both with the ball and the surface.

The sole really helps you to maintain a flat surface before striking the ball, giving you a smoother putt and helps it to hold the line. It also comes with an alignment aid in the form of lines on the head, which I find does help in hitting it, dead on. It does not take you too long to master using the alignment tool and you will notice the difference this putter makes.

I like a putter that gives you confidence and this certainly does. You feel as if you are doing every part of the stroke more naturally than before, so you do not pause your action at any point. You know it will leave the face without too much movement, even when you have to use more power.

It is a middle of the range price putter and is more than able to do the job, no matter your level of skill.

Best selling putter 2016
Best selling putter 2016

Odyssey White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter

The Sabertooth really does look futuristic in its shape. The wings are there for a purpose though, as it helps to spread the weight and pushes it to the edges. This gives you more stability which is all important in putting. I should say Sabertooth is not too heavy but does have enough weight behind it to allow you to hit with enough speed for different distances. The stability is not just at the moment before contact, but is maintained throughout the swing. It gives you a smooth connection and gives you more accuracy.

I find that the balance is perfect, giving a good feel to it, through the shot. The design makes it easy to align your putts and it helps in making them stick to the line. However, if you are more heavy handed, it might be a touch too sensitive to you. The ball if struck wrongly can fly off the face, so you have to think about what kind of golfer you are before you buy.

I hope you found the right putter in best putter 2016.


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