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Best Rollerblades

Updated on August 5, 2011

Choosing the best rollerblades is nearly impossible, since dancers and aggressive skaters require smaller wheels, while speed skaters need larger wheels. This article is about inline skates that have mid-size wheels and are best for fitness and recreation.

Often people choose to buy skates from Target, Walmart, Kmart and so on. The skates there are the bottom line. If you plan to use your rollerblades once a month, then they will do just fine, if you, however wish to skate more often you should look elsewhere. Buying rollerblades online is always a risk, to do that you´ll need to know your size. Before buying you should also check if you can return them easily, if they do not fit or are uncomfortable, a good customer service would also be nice. On you can find many that fit that criteria, therefore I have decided to review and recommend rollerblades that are available on

Best rollerblades for men.
Best rollerblades for men. | Source

Best Rollerblades For Men

One of the best rollerblades for men sale on, these recreational have tall boots, which are a lot of help. The skates are designed to be great overall, they are quite maneuverable and they are also very fast. They are equally good for beginners and for advanced skaters. 80-millimeter wheels are just enough, they are easy to be found, if you need to change your old ones out later on, since that size is quite common. The reason is that the 80mm wheels are the most rational wheels for recreational skaters, as they offer a good amount of maneuverability as well speed. The skates themselves are very durable and made using the latest technology, they are very-well balanced, made from high-quality materials using excellent design. If you order them from and find the size to be wrong or feel that they might be to narrow for you, return them, the customer service is friendly and will help you out. Overall these skates are one of the best rollerblades for men on amazon and extremely well-suited for beginners or recreational skaters.

Best Rollerblades For Women

With 78mm wheels these all-around inline skates are best for beginners, who are considering of taking on a new healthy hobby. The skates themselves are very comfortable, if the size is right. Many may claim that the 78mm wheels are small, and that bigger wheels make skates better, however that kind of approach completely wrong, bigger wheels mean more speed, but less maneuverability and for beginners, to use wheels that are over 90mm in size is just frustrating and it will take a lot more time to learn to skate properly and how to break effectively. The skates are quite stylish as well, and their also very smooth and easy to skate with. Learning all the ins and outs of skating is very easy with these skates. The skates have soft boots. When doing a little research, I discovered that you can get the best deal on, buying these inline skates somewhere else will cost at least 42$ more, so it is a good deal, and you can also return them, if they appear to be too narrow, or you chose the wrong size accidentally. If you are a beginner, looking for new inline skates, these are the best rollerblades for women, but how good the skates might be, if you are a beginner you should also invest in some pads, just in case.

Best Rollerblades For Kids

Since kids grow fast, and rollerblades have to be almost exact fit to comfortably use, I do not recommend buying the most expensive rollerblades you can find. Instead it would be wise to buy the rollerblades that offer the best price and quality relationship. And so do the inline skates featured on right. Both Skates are same, the only difference is color, and that boy´s inline skates have a bit different design. When you buy your kid inline skates, buy him a pad set along and also an helmet, just to feel safe. The wheels are 70mm in size, which is just perfect to get started with, they won´t go super fast, so you as a parent don´t have to worry that much. They are very smooth and perfect for learning how to break without falling and how to control speed if necessary. It is also very easy to get those skates on. Both of the skates offer great quality and a great opportunity for the kid to learn how to skate.


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    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 

      7 years ago from Jamaica

      Very informative, I never knew this. I don't roller-blade so this is new to me. Thanks for the info.


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