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Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Updated on May 1, 2013

The Problem

Runners with flat feet often have a difficult time running without having ankle and calf issues. Flat feet are caused by the arches being less prominent. Arches are our body's natural springboard and if used correctly, they can really help us run long distances and great speeds with little difficulty. However, people with flat feet are denied much access to this natural springboard and as a result, their gait and stride can cause issues for the rest of the lower leg and foot. The impact is absorbed by the foot and ankle instead of the arches.

I personally suffer from high arches, but I've comes across many runners in my career that have flat feet and need special types of shoes to help offset the impact of running. Don't be discouraged because there are many runners that are flat footed and do very well. In fact, according to article, most people that believe they're flat footed actually only have low arches.

What's the Solution?

There are a few options to address your flat feet. You could try to use insoles to add additional support to your existing pairs of running shoes. This a very low cost way to help and you can find these at just about any grocery store. The only downside is you must replace them frequently if you're using them three or more times per week running. Running will wear them out much faster and you after a few months, you'll have spent the same amount as a good pair of supported running shoes.

Buying a good pair of running shoes is probably the best solution because you'll be able to keep them longer and they'll probably provide much more support than insoles. A good pair of shoes will set you back about fifty dollars which in the long run is a great savings and insurance against future injuries.

Which Brand of Running Shoe is Best?

There is really only one way to cope with flat feet because obviously medicine hasn't engineered a bionic type arch yet. But, who knows, it may be just around the corner. The best solution is to find a running shoe with plenty of support. Support is extremely important to low arched and flat footed people because the shoe will provide that extra spring your arches may not be able to provide.

When choosing a running shoe with additional support try to stay away from the bulky heavy shoes. I would recommend testing the weight of each different shoe because extra support could mean additional weight. I personally like to use Nike or Reebok for my running shoes and each company makes a great supportive shoe.

The Reebok's Ziglite is a great shoe with awesome support. It's reasonably priced as well and is lightweight. The Nike Dart 9 is also lightweight, inexpensive and provides great support. You have two brands that have outstanding supportive running shoes for men and women. There are many other brands, I know, but Nike and Reebok are able to make a very supportive shoe that is also lightweight. Other brands claim to have lightweight shoes as well but when you physically compare them, you'll find that many other brands are heavier or less breathable.


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