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Best Running Shoes for Knee Pain

Updated on April 20, 2018

The Problem

Knee pain to a new runner can signal panic at first and can cause mental stress especially if the newbie has never experienced the pain before. I can tell you from experience that this type of pain can really place a damper on plans to excel in this sport. Don’t panic just yet because there are causes and remedies for this type of condition.

Have you ever analyzed your running style before? Well, this may be a good idea if you are experiencing aches and pains after running. If you’re running with the heel of your foot striking the pavement first, then you’re going to have pain, especially in your knee.

Not surprising the cause for pain below the kneecap (patella) is generally caused by tendons and other tissues constricting around the patella area causing discomfort.

This pain occurs generally in beginning runners because the muscles are not yet used to the constant pounding that occurs with running. Also, over pronation can contribute to this annoying problem. Over pronation is when the foot moves inward. You won’t notice it usually until after the run at which time your ankles, calf muscles and knees will ache. Finally, running in a pair of old tennis shoes can contribute significantly to the issue and if you’re not careful, serious injury could result. Anytime your muscles and/or tendons ache in pain, it’s for a reason.

What is the Solution

Believe it or not a good pair of running shoes can really help along with changing your running habits. Making the necessary changes will increase your chances or reducing or eliminating knee pain.

Ok, so you know that you need a good pair of running shoes. Now what? I would suggest doing a bit of research online. The three brands I generally consider are New Balances, Nike, Reebok, and Adidas.

You can venture on your own into less popular and cheaper brands, but understand in the running shoe business, you get exactly what you pay for so don’t be skimpy and at the same time don’t go overboard.

Which Brand of Running Shoes Help the Most?

Which brand of running shoes will help the most?

I personally am partial to New Balance because they are relatively inexpensive, light weight and provide a good cushion. Since I tend to strike my heel first, this brand of shoes are perfect because they provide extra cushioning.

Believe it or not, many of the New Balance models are more lightweight than popular brands!

I also like Nike brand although a little pricier, they provide flexibility and lots of cushion. Spending a $100 on a new pair for a beginner is not recommended. Find a model that is going on clearance or on sale.

Reebok is another great running shoe brand. They provide cushioning and last for a long time which is something you may want to consider if you’re logging in more than 15 miles per week.

Adidas is probably my favorite brand besides New Balance and not for any particular reason. I just like the brand. The shoes are sleek and lightweight however tend to be less flexible.

For shorter distance runs consider minimalist shoes. These provide the closest feel to running barefoot without actually being barefoot. These type of shoes are also great for helping with toe striking instead of heel striking.

Now that you have made the decision to purchase a pair, buying online is probably easier and more cost effective than going into the store. I would only go to the physical location to try on brands and figure out my size and then start shopping online for the best deal. When beginning to run it pays to be wise with your money and find a pair that will provide support for your knees. Find a shoe that has plenty of cushion, is lightweight and will be somewhat flexible. Too much flexibility could keep your feet from correcting your stride so it’s best to have a stiffer shoe which will ultimately improve your occurrences of injury so you can continue your journey in this sport.


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  • idigwebsites profile image


    5 years ago from United States

    I also love running shoes; I use them for running occasionally, just for short distances. Thankfully I haven't had any knee injuries yet. But still I appreciate this hub, thanks for your personal evaluation of each of the brands; that way I can choose what's right for me. Up and useful.

  • sarawyen profile image


    5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

    Thanks for a great article - good information here!

  • jpcmc profile image

    JP Carlos 

    6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

    This is so true, the right shoes matter. many stop at looking at the impact of running on their feet. But there is more to running than your feet pounding the ground. Knee injuries are common in runners.


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