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Best Tennis Rackets 2016

Updated on November 17, 2015

In best tennis rackets 2016 we are going to be reviewing a hand full of the best new tennis rackets on the market.

What should I look for in a tennis racket?

  • Price: A cheap tennis racket would be around $50 and an expensive one more than $150. Some cheap rackets are better than expensive ones. So don't worry about the price too much.
  • The best advice when buying a tennis racket is to match it to your game. Different rackets work for different levels of experience and different styles of play.
  • Racket head size: 85 to 100 square inches is normal, while 100 to 140 is jumbo size. The larger heads work better for beginners.
  • Grip: The grip on a racket is important. If you start sweating a bad grip will start to slip. If you have a racket that slips, you can have the grip redone.
  • Weight: Lighter rackets are generally better. If it gets too light the racket can be a little hard to control though.

Best tennis racket 2016
Best tennis racket 2016

Prince O3 Speedport

The Speedport is the new version of the O3 red, which is already a very good racket. The Speedport has a new aerodynamic design which cuts down on drag allowing faster strokes.

The Prince Speedport racquet is ideal for advanced as well as intermediary players, but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners.

The Speedport's grip is comfortable and reliable.

The Speedport provides you a lot of power and control over your strokes. You can adjust the dampening effect of the dampener on the racket. The higher you move the dampener the greater the effect.

The head size of this racket is 100 sq inch. That is fairly large, that gives you a larger sweet spot than an average racket. Players with a moderate or fast swing will get the most out of the Speedport.

The Speedport does everything a racket should do well. The only real drawback is that it doesn't serve that well. It's a side effect of being a lighter racket.

Best selling tennis racket 2016
Best selling tennis racket 2016

Head Liquidmetal 8

This is the racket I would recommend to beginners. The Liquidmetal 8's head size is 112 square inches, which is very large. This gives beginners a racket with a very large sweet spot, making playing well easier.

The racket weighs .60 lbs which makes it a fairly light racket. Generally lighter rackets have less power, but with the Head Liquidmetal 8 you still get a respectable amount of power.The benefit of playing with a lighter racket is that you can go longer without getting tired.

In short the Head Liquidmetal 8 is a good racket offering enough power and control for most players, but not enough control for the very best tennis players.

Head LM Radical OS

Head’s new racquets all come with the LiquidMetal technology that makes for more power in the strokes. Its placement in the racquet frames ensure that the sweetspot is spread throughout the string bed.

This new range also carries the NoShox dampening system and the total sweetspot concentration. The new Head range comes with a head size of 107,690 cms and a 295 gram weight. This lessens fatigue during long games.

Every Head racquet comes with a free stringing facility together with a basic synthetic gut. The string tension is around the middle of the range.

It provides great maneuverability and is ideal for players who are looking for a surefire ball response. It is one of the most comfortable racquets around and provides you all the class that is associated with Heads racquets.

The new Radical also features an impressive hydro control grip system that perceptibly reduces the moisture between the player’s palm and the racquet handle.

If you are an admirer of the previous versions, you should definitely give the new Radical a try.

Babolat AeroPro Drive

The AeroPro drive racquets come with the Cortex system from Babolat. This system provides an improved comfort and feel to every racquet. The new range combines the pop and spin convenience of the earlier versions.

The AeroPro cortex provides all the advantages of the exclusive Aero Designed Shaft together with the Pure Drive Head. If you are a power baseline player, you will enjoy the accuracy and pace that these racquets provide.

One of the biggest advantages to these racquets is that they are wonderfully stable, even when they are providing an amazing maneuverability. This racquet provides all the power you require to punch those volleys and an enhanced capacity for touch play.

If you are one for fun serves, the AeroPro Drive Cortex will provide you lots of spin and power potential. It has a healthy provision for sweetspot and this makes it ideal for a whole range of players.

If you are looking to add that edge to your already aggressive game, the AeroPro Drive Cortex is just what you need.

I hope you found best tennis rackets 2016 to be useful. Also check out best road bikes 2016 and top rated treadmills 2016.


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    • profile image

      RJ 6 years ago

      babolat is ok, ur basicly paying for the name

      aero pro drive is a pretty good racket, best racket they have tho is the pure storm, very stable

      and the pure drive

    • profile image

      Meg 6 years ago

      I do tennis club and we unfortuantely have homwork, can I have some ideas for tennis racket makes please???

    • profile image

      Nicholas 6 years ago

      I've been using the Aeropro Drive for a few months now and I've nothing but good things to say about it.

      Took a few games to get used to the weight but otherwise it's Great!

      Provides great power & contol from the baseline. Coupled with a thin (18/19 gauge) spin string, top spin is a breeze. It's improved my game tremendously.

      It's just fab!

    • profile image

      seryhu 7 years ago

      This hub just made me wanna go play tennis right now.