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Best pound for pound mma fighters

Updated on June 25, 2011


There is always argument when people and fans are discussing pound for pound mma fighters,but you will always find the same fighters in the top 10 list just in a different order,what follows is the most accurate up-to date version of the pound for pound top mma fighters.

10:Miguel Torres

The bantamweight champion of the wec has a fantastic record of 35-1 and looks unbeatable at this weight.This lad is talented

9:Jon Fitch

9:Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch may have been outclassed in his 5 round war with GSP but after the GSP vs BJ fight he has made me look again and made his performance against GSP quite good as in he lasted all 5rounds despite some vicious punishment by the welterweight champ.After another good display recently against akhiro gono at ufc 94 means he can start climbing up the devision again

8:Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian's maui thai skills have developed at such a rate that he is now one of the best and a definate lightweight contender to Bj's crown and possibly the next in line for a shot.

7:Bj Penn

Bj Penn was totally outclassed at ufc 94 but too a heavier and more talented GSP so he should not feel ashamed.He is world class at lightweight and i think even Kenny Florian will have his hands full there,if he concentrates at lightweight and doesn't move back up again then he will rule the division much like Anderson Silva has at middleweight.

6:Quinton Rampage Jackson

One of my favourite fighters "Rampage" had slipped after losing the LHW crown to Forrest Griffin, but after a definitive win to his arch nemesis Wanderlei Silva at ufc 92 he has climbed the rankings and if he manages to beat Keith Jardin at ufc 96 Next month then he will face the winner of Evans Vs Machida and a chance to regain the belt which he thinks is rightfully his.


5:Rashad evans

The current LHW champion and undefeated in his mma career,He has really impressed me with his defeat of Chuck Liddell and his title win over Forrest Griffin unfortunatly he was outclassed and ko'd for the first time in his career when Lyoto Machida took his belt on may 23rd and is now scheduled to face rampage as they both become coaches on next season of the ultiate fighter

4:Lyoto Machida

In my opinion the best LHW in the world at the moment,He is the most elusive fighter and for a lot of people this makes for a dull fight but he always ends explosively and is always looking for the finish despite the fact it looks like he is running away half the time,He has now beaten rashad evans and has becoe the lhw champ,i cant see him going anywhere for a while now,he outclassed evans.

3:Anderson Silva

Well what can i say he has cleared out the middleweight division and looks as unbeatable as any other fighter i can think of,he has good ground skills world class Maui Thai and if he gets beat it will be down to being complacent,every fight he has is worth watching as you know its gonna end i devastating fashion.

2:Georges St Pierre

In his destruction of Bj Penn he looked outstanding and moved up a place in the rankings ahead of Silva,He has a tough task ahead with Thiago Alves but if he can get past that test i cant see him vacating that welterwieght title for quite some time.

1:Fedor Emilanenko

The best heavyweight in the world which he proved by brutally ko'ing Former ufc champ Andrei Arlovski.We can only hope that he comes to the ufc one day and rules.29-1 record speaks for itself


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    • profile image

      Jonny Bones 6 years ago

      El mejor es Jon "Bones" Jones y punto.

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      @jay well said my friend gsp is a little dull and as for silva,well when he is attacking at full pelt i will still always be amazed at his skill but i think he shows disrespect to his opponents and i cant wait for chael sonnen to beat him up again,as for brock he has showed improving skills and appears more humble since his serious illness,long may it continue.

    • profile image

      Jay  7 years ago

      I agree with your observation. Once I disliked fights going to the ground, but as I developed an appreciation for the skill involved,it is pretty amazing to watch. GSP has become too predictable for my personal liking,continual set ups for the all too predictabletake downs.

      Anderson Silva- incredibley athletic for sure, but lost any sort of admiration when I watched the Demian Maia fight.Silva is a first class smart arse (talented smart arse, I concede) who showed a distinctly gutless side when Maia got a few in. Silva doesn't appreciate decent hit and will backpeddle and turn himself inside out to avoid it. Not as much ticker as I originally thought. Can't stand the man, don't care how much talent he's got. I'd EVEN prefer Brock Lesnar over him.......that's saying something!

      Just when I think somebody is untouchable, somebody else comes along and cleans them up. That's why this sport is so exciting to watch

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      I agree he is a little stale but that is what comes when u use ur wrestling skills a lot.

    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      GSP might be winning everything, but, by god he's now as boring as batshit to watch. He's gone from one of our favourite to watch, to fast forward to the next fight.

      I'd rather watch Etim; Taylor; Hardy; Velasquez; Spencer Fisher; Ludwig et al fight any day of the week.

    • profile image

      dan 7 years ago

      Anderson Silva in my opinion should be number one of the list. I mean the guy is incredible to watch.

    • maximille profile image

      maximille 7 years ago

      It's a good list, even though I don't agree on all your choices, I made a hub about this as well, you might want to check it out. It's more up to date :)

    • profile image

      goodlist 8 years ago

      previous to this, I just read the WORST P4P list of all time, so this was quite refreshing. Your top 4 are perfect and no one can really disagree that they are there... maybe A. Silva deserves 2nd, but I believe that GSP pulls just ahead now that he dominated Alves. The road ahead is looking pretty sweet for him, pretty unbeatable right now. Machida is my current favorite fighter and I dont find him dull at all, I think he has potential to one day be #1 on this list. Althoug BJ Penn was destroyed by none other than the GSP, I believe he deserves #5. I don't think BJ Penn should have chosen to fight GSP and that his reputation would be better right now and people would still be wondering what if... the Penn vs. GSP fight would happen and who would win. But after UFC 101, Penn may drop near the end of this list, he`s got the edge on Florian but I think it could be a really close fight. Saying that, I hope GSP doesnt go for A. Silva like everyone would love to see. SIZE MATTERS... P4P is in entirely different, he may have a chance but I would put everything I had on Silva. I like Torres and Evans on the list. But Evans is in 10th in my books and Torres can have 6th after Penn. I dont put Rampage in my list.. he belongs with the Iceman, Griffin, Hughes.. legendary and amazing icons and ambassadors of the sport.. just not P4P.. they have so much heart but better fighters beat them... Fitch has gotta go to.. really close to top 10, great fighter, but as long as GSP is so dominant and looking better every fight, Fitch is gonna have a tough time earning a belt. I would love to see GSP and Fitch again though. Florian belongs here as far as I am concerned, in 9th, but all can change in the next UFC. I replace Rampage and Fitch with Hendo and Faber. I would not have put Hendo on the list but after his impressive K.O. against Bisping and his great physical condition tonight I am gonna throw him in the mix...

      10. Evans

      9. Hendo

      8. Florian

      7. Faber

      6. Torres

      5. Penn

      4. Machida

      3. A. Silva

      2. GSP

      1. Fedor

      honourable nods and can ealisy drop on and off of the list depending on wins and losses; Alves, Fitch, Rampage, Mir, Lesnar (I hate to admit it but the guy might be unstoppable even if he does have a 30 pound advantage), Gomi (controversial choice, and I am biased as he is one of my favorite all time fighters), Diaz and probably about a dozen others.

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 8 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Fakearms: Hey man your list is good as well and to be honest mine needs updating as it was done quite some time ago,thanks for your input though.

    • profile image

      fakearms 8 years ago

      I know that the list is your opinion but you only picked not very good guys from the ufc. You have left out some huge names in that list. You have to get rid of Jon Fitch, Rashad Evans and ken flo from that list! In my opinion i would go for.

      1.Fedor, 2. Anderson Silva, 3. GSP, 4. Lyoto Machida, 5. BJ Penn, 6. Miguel Torres , 7. Mike Brown, 8. Rampage, 9. Frank Mir, 10. Thiago Alves

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 8 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Machida has indeed moved up the rankings,thanks for your comments

    • profile image

      tapMaster 8 years ago

      Machida's fight was awesome last saturday, took a lot of grit to take down all-reliable and knock out puncher rashad... I suppose machida will move in the rankings in this hub...

      I hope that this kind of conversation will carry on to this website

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 8 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      couldnt agree more footynut i love watching machida fight and was impressed with his win over rashad,i too love rampage but cant see him landing any of his huge hooks,plus think machida may take out his legs from a distance,i hope bj stays at lw too.thanks for your comments.

    • footynut profile image

      footynut 8 years ago

      I agree with your list. The first 3 pick themselves. Machida will now obviously move above Evans after Saturday. It will be interesting to see how long he can hold on to the belt. No one seems to be able to hit him let alone beat him! I'm a big Rampage fan but I think Machida will win that fight. Hopefully BJ Penn will now stay at lightweight and prove what a world class fighter he is. Whilst I respect the fact that he wanted to test himself against bigger fighters, there will alwyas be a part of me that wonders what might have been had he stayed at lightweight and commited to training. I think he will be remembered as a great fighter but he could have been even better!

    • profile image

      Richard 8 years ago

      I agree with the top 3

      1. Fedor - no discussion needed

      2. GSP - He went to the ground with a BJJ expert and stands up with the best.

      3. Silva - Silva is good, but he didn't go to the ground in his last fight making it boring. He has lost on the ground before so I think GSP should be #2.

    • marcs profile image

      marcs 8 years ago from Central California

      I am not going to be in total agreement with your top ten but you got the most important part right, Fedor is the best world in the weight. As far as 2 and 3 go that's such a tough call. If you look at GSP's record and who he's fought over his last 10 fights you have to be really impressed with how he's done. He did beat Hughes 2out of 3 times but the loss to Serra has to hurt him a bit. Anderson Silva is on a huge roll but his quality of competition doesn't much up to GSP's. I'll give Anderson a slight edge based on his domination. I'm a little disappointed though that Urijah Faber didn't make the cut but am pleased that you are giving Ken-FLo his due. He had such a terrific year last year. Great list you show a lot of knowlege and put a lot of though into this. I might throw Nate the great in there at 9 in place of fitch though.