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Best time to fish for carp

Updated on January 23, 2018

Keen fisherman? If so you are probably a little bit like me. No matter what the advice you are given, you ignore it and fish even if your chances of catching are more than slim!

So when is the best time to fish for Carp??

Carp are one of the fussiest fish you will find in lakes in the UK. They only feed when they want to feed and at certain times of the year. The fussiest of them all is likely to be the tench, but nevertheless carp can still be a pain when they are not hungry; but hey not catching seems to make you go more (or does me), because you are insistant on getting that next catch.

The best time to fish for carp is in later June, July, August and September. These months produce the most fish year after year. If you hit a lake at the right time in June you can really hit it off and have fantastic catches. The perfect time in June is after the fish have finished spawning. The fish spawn at different times in different lakes so it's a hard one to pinpoint. After spawning the carp concentrate on eating and building their mass back up again, right through to autumn/winter.

When is a fish at it heaviest?

Usually carp are found to weigh more at the beginning of the winter months; usually in November. This is because they stock up as they prepare to almost hibernate for the winter. Where the water is colder in the winter, the fish's metabolism slows down, and they need considerably less food throughout the winter.

Can i still catch in the winter?

It is possible to catch in the winter but it is 10 times harder than in the summer months. You should always scale down on your tackle in the winter. This includes, lighter line, smaller hooks, smaller baits, smaller bombs and sometimes even a smaller rod. By doing this the fish are less likely to notice the bait looks dodgy - therefore increasing your chances of catching. In the summer the fish will compete for food, so you can thicken up your line, heavy up your gear and bait and still catch sucessfully.

All lakes fish differently. There are some; very few, but some lakes that will fish very well in the winter but to 99% of lakes the Summer - Winter rules apply and that will be that the fish will be caught more in the summer.

Does the rain matter? Sometimes the rain can bring the fish on the feed.

Does the sun matter? Warm is usually good but too hot can sometimes result in the fish being very lethargic and not feeding. Fish higher in the water when the sun is out, carp loving feeding from the top in the summer.

Does the wind matter? Different winds can be crucial. Cold winds can really turn a lake off, and warm winds can really turn the fish on. A warm wind will churn the water and warm up the whole lake - this will always be really good if you get a warm wind around april time - take advantage of it and get the rods out!

Best time of day to fish? 100% the best time of the day to fish in the summer months will be early in the mornings and late evenings.

Well you've read what i had to say, and i believe every word of it, but i'm sure we will still go out fishing on those days you really don't have much chance of catching a fish! its a bug!

And sometimes when you're sitting on the bank and nothing is happening them just enjoy the time to relax and follow all of the latest trends, such as the unicorn!


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    • profile image

      Corey 5 years ago

      Hay guys I've been trying to catch some carp at my local river and it's just not happying

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 6 years ago from Cape Cod

      Great hub. In the Eastern United States I don't think we have any Carp except those very expensive pet fish - the Koi. I read in Wikipedia that Carp angling in the UK is one of the fastest growing sports.

      Here on Cape Cod, a lot of us fish for eating more than sport and we love to catch fluke and flounder. There's no skill or fight involved. You just throw out a line and they hop on it. The skill part comes later when we get back to the cottage and skillfully cook them up. Fishfeast is on!!!!!

    • profile image

      dave w 6 years ago

      A great read, and everything is spot on to how i feel about carp feeding habits, thanks

    • profile image

      sher kong 7 years ago

      hi. where i live in california they are active from march to july then you never see them again until those month come again

    • profile image

      Danny Joy 8 years ago

      I fish all year round and in the winter i don't do as well, but your right, it just makes you more determind. I like your hub, take a look at mine. I will keep updting it.