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Handy Tips to Select the Best Tactical Knife

Updated on October 26, 2015

A tactical knife may seem like a small purchase, but what many buyers miss, are the key factors which are essential while using this knife in the long run. Sharpness, durability and portability are important for all types of knives. A tactical knife has more to consider, if you want to go with the finest and best quality edge.

If you are an enthusiastic hunter or someone who carries a pocket knife every day, selecting a tactical knife can help save a lot of time and escape unwanted problems often. Tactical knife is commonly available in large varieties and sometimes it may be difficult to decide the best tactical knife for you. There are many options available to choose the right tactical knife.

Tactical knifes are manufactured since years and they have been used vastly for military and law enforcement purpose, apart from its major common applications by hunters, soldiers and police. Over due course of time, the tactical knife has been modified and has evolved in design and use to suit other chores also apart from these mentioned above. While planning to buy a quality tactical knife, it becomes imperative to ask questions such as “What is the material?” “What is the size?” Is it “durable for long term use?”, “should I opt for the manual or the automatic one?” All these factors will largely depend on the kind of jobs you are going to do with this knife.

Some General Considerations

If you are deciding to carry this knife every day, then you must keep in mind that you will need a folding knife. For outdoor activities, a fixed blade is the most preferred. High quality stainless steel which is made by a reputed company is good for everyday use, especially when you want to ensure durability of the product. It is essential to check the edge of the knife. It should be razor sharp and perform absolutely the right action. For instance, knives for law enforcers for police officers need to be very sharp for the right strike at the required moment. Sometimes your job may demand you to use a manual tactical knife, or you can use the automatic one of your usage is not that intense

The two essential types of tactical knives

Although there a lot of variations, fixed and folding are the two main categories of the knives.

A fixed knife is a single piece blade, most of the time, which is placed in the sheath to ensure that the sharp blade is protected and away from the reach of anyone. The blades are available in different sized and lengths. The edge will be either straight or serrated, but always a single piece knife.

A folding knife is easily foldable and can be opened or closed single-handedly. This knife is safe to carry and easy to hide as it offers size reduction, as the blade can be conveniently folded. A folding knife has various options, especially when it comes to deciding the edge of the knife.

What is your occupation?

Generally professionals who need a durable knife for instant use, prefer the tactical knife. Firefighters and rescue operators use fixed blade with a round point and is specially used for immediate, impactful use. Rescue field knives are commonly available. Many tactical knives are portable in size, can be opened with one hand, and therefore are used extensively for emergencies.

Rescue operators and law enforcers are the second class of people who use this knife, which is extremely portable and can be hidden under the shoe or around the belt. Tactical knives are also available in folding options and can be easily kept in the pocket. Their lightweight and easy portability allows many people to safely carry tactical knives and strike with this sharpest object when danger comes in suddenly.

Specific uses need a deeper thought. General uses such as odd chores for opening robes, boxes etc require a sturdy and durable, preferably a fixed type knife. Strength and longevity is also essential for defensive tools and hence the same knife may apply rescue. Sometimes you may need a tactical knife to cut a fruit or do some menial jobs on your way to some place. A folding knife works the best here.

Blades and Handles

General-purpose blades often have rounded tip and provide a straight cutting edge. A knife used for cutting hard substances essentially requires a serrated edge. Bigger jobs like hunting and cutting thick robes want to with the basic blade. A hybrid blade which is straight one side and serrated on the other can be used if you are flexible in using the tactical tools for day-day small jobs. A blade which is used more for stabbing than slicing requires a blade with a very sharp tip.

Handles: Once you have decided the main consideration, which is the blade, it is not that difficult to choose the right handle. Grip is however a crucial factor to choose the right handles of your tactical knife. The grip should be comfortable to your hands so choose the right material for the handle- plastic, wood or a rope? Do your hands tend to get too sweaty while using an object like a knife? Is there any additional guard to keep your hands on the handle? Where will you place the knife in the bag, a special pouch? Is there a sheath? Handles may appear as a very minute part to your tactical knife but this part of the knife will help you decide your holding position. If you do not want to think too much while considering handles, the grip is the most essential consideration and the rest can be managed through not over looked, if you are design or style centric.

A key point to keep in mind is to choose the best tactical knife is that it should give you a comfortable feel, fitting in correctly in your hands so that you can work for a longer time without feeling a cramp. Sometimes you also might have to consider how you will carry it, if you choose to have a buy a bigger knife. A pocket clip, a belt sheath or a small folder, are some options to consider.


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