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Biggest Ufc Upsets

Updated on March 24, 2010

Whilst the sport of mixed martial arts and in particular the biggest organisation which is the UFC continue to grow at a very frighting speed, and their current champions in each weight class have stayed champion for a couple of years or more, i thought i would focus on the classic upsets that have happened throughout the years, if you are a huge fan like myself you will have remembered watching your favourite fighter walk into the octagon with an air of confidence as he prepares to defend the belt he has owned for several years, against a challenger who is perhaps not on the same level, only for the champion to be knocked unconscious or tapped out and leave you with your mouth wide open in pure shock at what has just happened.Because of the 4oz gloves and because of the ever evolving skills of these great athletes the upsets have happened time and time again and will continue to do so in the future,What follow is a list of some of the greatest upsets in ufc history.

Frank Mir vs Antonio Nogueira

Frank Mir vs Antonio Nogueira

Former Heavyweight champion Frank Mir has a very solid ground game,Fact,So does Nogueira,so what do these two ground game experts do in their highly anticipated fight,they stand and trade for nearly 7 minutes.Most people thought that Nogeiura being made out of a substance far stronger than steel would eventually wear down his opponent,but he hadn't counted on Mir's ever improving striking and 1min and 54 seconds into the second round,Mir had tko' the guy who had never been finished.

Forrest Griffin vs Shogun Rua

Pride had been brought by ufc's parent company zuffa and everyone was interested in who they would be bringing over to fight for the ufc,no-one brought more interest than the pride legend that was Shogun,so when he was pitted against Griffin for his first fight in the ufc many thought he would walk it,Griffin has a big heart but would not compete against Shogun's aggression and Mauy thai skills.....Wrong.Shogun looked ok to begin with but by the start of the second round he looked done in and we all saw it,so did Griffin as he started to pour it on and Shogun couldn't handle it,seconds before the end of the fight Griffin sunk in a rear naked choke and Shogun tapped out,Welcome to the ufc Shogun

Mirko Cro Cop vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Mirko Cro Cop is a legend and although fading somewhat now,he is still dangerous,but when he was lined up to fight Gabe Gonzaga at ufc 70 no one could of predicted the outcome,in fact you would of got brilliant odds at the bookies for this,Not only did Gonazaga with his brilliant ground game decide to stand and trade with Cro Cop,he Knocked him out with Cro Cops own weapon a ferocious headkick that rendered Cro Cop unconscious immediatley and also damaged his ankle badly when he collapsed,No one would underestimate Gabe Gonzaga again.

Bj Penn vs Matt Hughes

Penn had decided that he wanted to move up in weight and try his luck at welterweight and many thought he could give it a go,Matt Hughes was not one of these people,he probably didn't train hard enough as he had a 13 fight win streak going back years,Bj Penn came in and showed him how to fight with renewed enthusiasm and ended up choking Hughes in the first round,Hughes would not make that mistake again.

Couture vs Sylvia

Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia

When Couture said he was coming out of retirement to Shake up the heavyweight division as he thought it was stale,many of us agreed but didn't think Randy was the man for the job,further more he stated that The current champ,The 6ft 8 behemoth that was Tim Sylvia had holes in his game that he was going to exploit we all thought he was crazy and going to get badly hurt.Wrong,Randy came out and dropped Sylvia within 8secs and he never full recovered as Randy man-handled him for 5rounds ending up winning by unanimous decision

George St Pierre vs Matt Serra

George St Pierre vs Matt Serra

Gsp had a near perfect fighting record,was getting better with every fight and was virtually the complete athletic fighting machine,absolutely nobody gave Serra a chance as all he had was a heavy right hand and some jiu jitsuu,well he came out with a game plan which was stick and move and he stuck to it,eventually connecting with a good shot that knocked gsp down and then finished up with some further punches to the fallen gsp's face calling the ref to jump in and declare Serra the new Welterweight champion,Since then however gsp has not lost and even taken his revenge against Serra.


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    • captainchris profile image


      8 years ago

      Randy Couture really did shake the heavyweight division its one thing we got to remember about him an old man who comes out of retirement to shake things up and he did.

      That demands a lot of respect.

      Nice hub!


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