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Bill Bellichick Explains The Rules

Updated on February 16, 2010

Greetings. My guest tonight has 3 Superbowl rings as coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Bellichick.

Glad to be here.

So Bill -- people say that you cheated.

We didn't cheat. The bylaws of the NFL were what I went by. And the by-laws taping of the opponents' calls during a game.

But you did just that.

Maybe you didn't hear what I said -- I said DURING the game. Halftime isn't during the game.

Ah. Well Bill...some might say that...halftime of a game would be "during" a game.

Maybe you didn't hear what I said -- DURING the game. As in...while we're actually PLAYING the game. I didn't have my players study these tapes during the playing.

You had them study them beforehand.

They're available to everybody. Anybody can sit there during a game, look at signals, watch what play is called. We weren't doing anything other people weren't doing.

But Bill...what do you say to those people that would point out that the Jets in fact did NOT have spies on your sideline?

So they could easily have fans from the stands text us what they see and hear.

But Bill...what do you say to those people that would point out that the average football fan isn't going to know what Zebra Choice Falcon One Z-3-1-4 Angle Twist Popsicle 4 on 6 would mean?

They can hear me yell it, take a note of it, and then see what play develops. It's available to anybody.

Maybe you're right, but Bill...what do you say to those people who think you're clouding the core of this argument...that when by-laws say don't do something during a game you think it means you can do it during halftime, during the pre-game, during a timeout, during a commercial break, while the kicker's warming up...

Again...I went by what I thought were the by-laws.

But Bill...what do you say to those people who have jobs everywhere else on Earth...who ask the supervisor when something isn't 100 percent clear?

Again...had someone pointed this out to me I wouldn't have done it. And it was a mistake on my part.

But Bill...someone did point it out. That Ryan guy. Your former cameraman.

Yes but cameramen come and go all the time. I lead an organization of about three hundred people.

But Bill...what do you say to those out there in TV land...who also lead three hundred people at their own jobs...are vaguely familiar with most of them...but at least know their handful of right hand men?

Again...he claims he wasn't being inconspicuous. He was there with a Patriots jacket on.

But Bill...what do you say to those out there...who know your cameraman was in fact wearing neutral clothing?

He had a Patriots jacket on.

This guy who you're not even vaguely familiar with. yes.

(moments pass)

One more thing Bill...what do you say to the tons of University of Michigan fans out there who have no evidence of their beloved Fab Five or their accomplishments...yet allow you to present yourself as the team of the decade?

Whoever they are...I'm sure I'd push them out of the way as I give the winning quarterback a hard look...slap the pinkie of the winning coach...then jog back in the lockerroom.


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