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Bodybuilding: Side Effects of GH, Anabolic Hormones, Testosterone, Thyroid, Insulin, and Steroids

Updated on March 13, 2013

Do you know if you increase one of these too much and do not balance it with the others, you would not be able to get peak results? Plus, you are bound to get into trouble as you are breaking your body's homeostasis. Testosterone is inexpensive. Same goes for thyroid and insulin (Humalog or Humulin-R for bodybuilding purpose). I would not talk about prescriptions here. GH is expensive and middle class people in India could not afford it. Plus if used alone, it is just useless to build muscles. Creatine would work better than this. Even though injectable testosterone has the same chemical structure that your body produces, but the injectable ones do not work the same way as your own natural test. Natural testosterone release is in the form of spikes but "injectable testosterone esters" release testosterone at a constant rate, so this is not natural and also could lead to both wanted and unwanted side effects. Even if you inject 500 mg/week, and if most of it gets converted to SHBG, you get very low muscle building effects. Free testosterone matters the most.

Thyroid: It is too risky to take thyroid medication just for muscle building. This could lead to permanent thyroid problem. Of course, it increases the protein metabolism and fat burning capacity to great extent. But, if you mess with this, better use it with GH because as GH increases, thyroid requirement increases. Again, the dose of thyroid is bodyweight/age dependent and also the amount of GH you are taking along with it.

This is the way to natural body without any use of steroids, anabolic hormones, insulin, testosterone, or growth hormones. Just pure natural body, simple as it is.
This is the way to natural body without any use of steroids, anabolic hormones, insulin, testosterone, or growth hormones. Just pure natural body, simple as it is. | Source

Using insulin (short acting such as Humulin-R or Humalog) to build muscles is called “death wish dieting”, although it is the best out there among all hormones for bodybuilding. The rate at which you can pack muscles with insulin is incredible, almost a pound of muscle a day, keepable or not depends on your lifestyle. Also, it is the best to get the most from your total natural testosterone as it counteracts the SHBG.

Insulin has to be used very very carefully. Moreover, excess insulin causes thickening and hardening of the arteries. Hyperinsulinemia is a well established cardiovascular risk factor.

Eventually it will lead to heart disease. According to an ACSM study, a small dose of insulin helps, but higher doses did not give any additional benefit for muscle hypertrophy. That small spike of insulin can be achieved with just 20-30 gms Glucose!!

Steroid - God - Knowledge

  1. When our knowledge is low, we fear God and perform rituals
  2. With more knowledge, we even begin to question the existence of God.
  3. With PROFOUND knowledge, we realize that we know too little about God.
  4. When you know everything about steroids, you may wish to use it only as a last resort. Now read below why I am saying this.

Side Effects of Steroids - Explaining Bodybuilder's Psychological Needs For Steroids

Many professional bodybuilders have a psychological need to be accepted that they cannot fulfill through ordinary means. They lack skills necessary to fit their expected role in society, or have undeveloped interpersonal skills preventing them from establishing normal relationships, so they find alternative means to reach these goals. The method of choice for them has become steroid use, so as to change themselves into something that, for them, represents a state of being that they could never ordinarily achieve. In this way, it becomes a replacement for self-esteem and creates a social niche in which they can be accepted. And in the human psyche, the need to be accepted - by one means or another - often supersedes one's concern for health, or even one's concern to continue living. Many of the important functions of the body are regulated by means of steroids in the body. It is indeed Gods Gift and we make enough of it in the body. External steroids will upset the delicate balance of the various steroids if used in an amateurish manner.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      dude i just wanna know if its ok to have two shots a week with the testosterone hormone mixed with dika whatever nearly small amounts! and would there be any side effects as they say!! would it effect the birth and the sperms?

    • Entourage_007 profile image


      9 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      But Testosterone boosters are completely different from taking a steroid unless I stand to be corrected..... Hence why steroids are illegal and dangerous. How do you feel about testosterone boosters?


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