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Bodybuilding Tips, Tricks, Diet For Beginners

Updated on April 24, 2011

When it comes to bodybuilding, I have been a great admirer of Arnold. Actually you can copy whatever Arnold Schwarzenegger has written in his book “Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding” to gain maximum muscle mass. If you are looking mainly for cuts, then read the below mentioned tricks and tips on bodybuilding followed by bodybuilding diet tips and some information on burning fat around chest:

  • Basically whenever you want both mass and cuts, you have to do the exercise slowly and if the muscle doesn’t respond and remains flabby even after 2 months of doing it slowly, try doing it even slower. The slower, the better, but make sure you concentrate at the peak.
  • Suppose you are doing biceps exercise with a bar. When you bring the bar to your chest and your forearms completely, touch your upper arms (biceps), make sure you concentrate there and really focus on contracting the muscle (just like when you do posing). The same rule goes for any other muscle. If you want to develop a muscle properly with both mass and cuts (unless you already have cuts), you have to do it real slow and focus on concentration.

I highly recommend reading the book Modern encyclopedia of bodybuilding by Arnold.
I highly recommend reading the book Modern encyclopedia of bodybuilding by Arnold. | Source
  1. Try to borrow or buy the book Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding either online or via book stores. It’s worth the price. I got it for 700 rupees around six years ago, I had just 12-inch arms and now they are more than 14”, the same with all other muscles. It's new and revised edition is just $15.69 at Amazon (it's the same price I bought six years back).
  2. Before giving you another tip about muscle mass, let me know what’s your height? If you are below 5 feet 8 inches, then you should have a standard 15 inch arms at least, so concentrate on both mass and cuts. That’s the difficult thing about bodybuilding but that makes it all more beautiful.
  3. Additionally, try to do more push ups and also run a few kilometers (preferably a minimum of 1 to 1.5 km as a warm up) everyday.
  4. Make sure you do 5 sets of flat press, 3 sets of incline, 3 sets decline, and 3 sets of dumbbell flys.
  5. Another Tip: Keep posing. Keep flexing your chest and holding your breath for 20 seconds while you flex in front of the mirror. This helps to bring out maximum definition. This is a trick.
  6. Regarding tips on bodybuilding diet, it is also an equally important factor so you need to have protein‑rich diet and cut down on carbohydrates and see the change. A low-carb diet will always help.
  7. Again, don’t increase your carbohydrate intake as found in rice, chapatti, dosa, etc. Keep it low. Keep your protein intake high, like chicken, egg, fish, etc. You will see the change within a month. Go high on water.
  8. If you are a veggie, then the main sources for you are both pulses and legumes including beans of all varieties, preferably soya, butter beans, or double beans.
  9. Regarding burning fat with bodybuilding and weights, you can use the ordinary flat bench press to burn fat too. But you need to do this with low weights and do it really slow.
  10. I use 5 kg on either side of the rod. Just take up the usual bench press position and perform the exercise the same way but do it as slowly as possible. The first few reps up to 8 or 10 will be easy and after that your chest muscles will begin to burn like they are on fire.
  11. You do 5 sets of this everyday after your pushups and follow this up with a 2 km jog to see the results.
  12. Do all exercises the same day. Doing them on alternate days will only increase size by giving rest to your chest mass. If you want to burn fat around chest, then you have to exhaust your muscle. Do the above procedure I have described in free weights along with this. Then you will notice the change.

On an additional note, a very common question asked by bodybuilding beginners is “Which muscle is best done with chest?” And regarding this the old timers and even some new timers prefer to do triceps with a chest workout, but it is recommended to go with the Arnold’s theory of working the opposite muscle when doing a workout since one muscle does the exercise the opposite contracts and vice versa the alternate stretching and contraction aids muscle growth, so it is better to do wings/lats as soon as your chest workout is over or sometimes you can even do lats as a superset in case you don’t have time. That’s what will help you bring out very efficient lats.


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