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Borussia Dortmund

Updated on May 29, 2013

Official Name: BV Borussia Dortmund

President: Hans-Joachim Watzke

Secretary: Trante Wiemann

Press Officer: Josef Schneck

Coach: Bert Van Marwijk

Address: Rheinlanddamm 207-209 44137 Dortmund

Telephone: (+49) 231 90200

Fax:(+49) 231 902 0105

Alternative uniform: white/yellow/white (three) stripes and black shorts

Uniform: yellow/ white horizontal stripes and black shorts

UEFA Champions League winner: 1997

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup winner: 1966

German Championship (Bundes Liga) winner: 1995, 1996, 2002

German Cup winner: 1965, 1989

German Championship (pre-Bundesliga) winner: 1956, 1957, 1963

Division 2 winner: 1976

EUSA Cup winner: 1997

1909: December 19: Borussia Dortmund founded by players from church sponsored Trinity Youth. Named after a nearby brewery called Borussia (maining in latin= Prussia). Uniform blue and white stripes

1913: New uniform: yellow/ white horizontal stripes and black shorts, alternative uniform: white/yellow/white (three) stripes and black shorts

1929: Club near bankruptcy (after signing professional players)

1935: New manager: Ernst Kuzorra

1936: New manager: Fritz Thelen,  New manager: Ferdinand Swatosch

1939: New manager: Willi Sevcic

1946: New manager: Fritz Thelen, New manager: Ferdinand Fabra

1948: New manager: Viktor Havlicek

1950: New manager: Sepp Kretschmann

1951: New manager: Hans Schmidt

1955: New manager: Helmut Schneider

1956: German Championship (pre-Bundesliga) winner (for first time) (under the name of BSB (Ballspiel-Verein Borussia))

1957: New manager: Hans Tauchert, German Championship (pre-Bundesliga) winner

1958: New manager: Max Merkel

1961: New manager: Hermann Eppenhoff, German Championship finalist

1963: August: First Bundesliga games (Bundesliga league system decided in 1962), German Championship (pre-Bundesliga) winner

1964: New manager: Heinz Kwiatkowski, New manager: Hermann Eppenhoff

1965: New manager: Willi Multhaup, German Cup winner

1966: New manager: Heinz Murach, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup winner

1968: New manager: Oswald Pfau, New manager: Helmut Schneider

1969: New manager: Hermann Lindemann

1970: New manager: Horst Witzler

1972: New manager: Herbert Burdenski, New manager: Detlev Brüggemann,  New manager: Max Michallek, Relegated to Second Division

1973: New manager: Dieter Kurrat, New manager: Janos Bedl

1974: New manager: Otto Knefler

1976: New manager: Hosrt Buhtz, New manager: Otto Rehhagel, Division 2 winner, Promoted to Bundesliga

1978: New manager: Carl-Heinz Rühl

1979: New manager: Uli Maslo, New manager: Udo Lattek

1981: New manager: Rolf Bock, New manager: Branko Zebec

1982: New manager: Kerl-Heinz Feldkamp

1983: New manager: Uli Maslo, New manager: Melmut Witte, New manager: Hans-Dieter Tippenhauer, New manager: Horst Franz

1984: New manager: Friedhelm Konietzka, New manager: Erich Ribbeck

1985: New manager: Pál Csernai

1986: New manager: Reinhard Saftig

1988: New manager: Horst Köppel

1989: German Cup winner

1991: New manager: Ottmar Hitzfeld

1993: UEFA Cup finalist

1995: German Championship (Bundes Liga) winner

1996: German championship (Bundes Liga) winner

1997: New manager: Nevio Scala, UEFA Champions League winner, EUSA Cup winner

1998: New manager: Michael Skibbe

2000: New manager: Bernd Krauss, New manager: Udo Lattek, New manager: Matthias Sammer

2002: UEFA Cup finalist, German championship (Bundes Liga) winner

2004: New manager: Bert van Marwijk

2006: New manager: Jürgen Röber

2007: New manager: Thomas Doll

2008: New manager: Jürgen Klopp


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