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Boys are better or girls

Updated on September 3, 2014


Boys and girls are the two main characters of a human being. As we all know that without a boy a girl cannot survive and without a girl a boy cannot. So here I am going to tell you the qualities, differences and their characteristics, and based on their qualities and character you have to decide or tell me who is better.

A Boy

Firstly I am taking the example of a boy. The qualities that a boy mostly have. As I am a boy, I better knows the qualities and character of a boy. The boy when takes birth in any of the family, the family members becomes very happy and celebrated the day of their child birth. As the boy grows up he becomes the most lovely member of his family. His parents and neighbours loves him a lot, plays with him by giving him new toys and chocolates. As the time passes away some of the boys becomes very naughty and clever, they never listens to their parents. They do the things whatever they like, whether one is happy or not by their creativity. And some of the boys choose the path chosen by their parents.

Boys after college life

After completing their studies in schools some of the boys joins colleges to complete their graduation and some just leaves their studies. During their college life only few boys studies seriously. And after completing their college studies some of them becomes professionals and others just ruins themselves. The boys those ruins themselves don't cares about their parents. The one who chooses the right path only gets success in their life. These are the qualities mostly a boy have.

A Joint family
A Joint family

A Girl

Now the girl, when takes birth in any of the family only few family members becomes very happy. The reason behind their happiness is that, they knows that the girl one day show them that "Girls are better than Boys". As the time passes away the girl also becomes very very naughty. And after completing their schools, some of them mostly 80% only chooses the path that their parents shows them. And rest 20% only chooses their own way. But the difference between a successful boy and a girl is so much. After completing their college studies some of the girls get married and some of them chooses their career as an option to be continued.

The one who got married only gets busy in their married life. Their whole life passes away in their family members only. They plays different different types of roles in their family like, mother, aunt, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and many more.

But do you think about the boys who chooses their professional life. They only gets busy in their career life. And after getting married takes the responsibility of their family. Some of the boys takes place of their parents and ask their parents to take rest after their retirement. Some of them lives in a nuclear family and some in a joint family.

Boy vs Girl

  • If a boy laughs loudly is manner less and if a girl laughs loudly then she is cheerful.
  • If a girl talks sweetly she is charming and if a boy talks sweetly then he is flirting.
  • If a girl is shopping she is trendy and if a boy is shopping he is wasting parents money.
  • If a boy is silent he is rude and if a girl is silent then she is shy.
  • If a girl walks in a group its group and if a boy walks in a group its gang.

Who is better

These all are the incident of a boy and a girl. Based on these examples can you decide who is better? It's impossible from my point of view. If you think boys are better, then what about those 80% girls who only chooses the path chosen by their parents and follows that till throughout their life. And if you think girls are better, then what about those boys who takes care of their parents after their retirements and only chooses to live in a joint family. Based on the examples that I had mentioned above is impossible to decide who is better? If you still think that one is better than other than please tell me the answer.


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      Amit 3 years ago

      impossible to say who is better?