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Eagles defeat the Patriots 41-33. Nick Foles earns MVP honors.

Updated on February 11, 2018

40-year-old Tom Brady who threw for a record 505 yards and Head Coach Bill Belichick almost did it again. That is; win another Super Bowl together. Gronk played and made big contributions; 2 TD catches to go with 116 yards receiving, but it wasn't enough.

Meanwhile, the Eagles offense led by their 6' 6' backup Nick Foles age 29, threw 3 TD passes for 373 yards as well as a caught a TD pass himself on a trick play.

It was a dream come true night for Foles who is now destined to earn big money elsewhere as a starter. Will he remain with Eagles or possibly be traded to say the Browns who are seeking a quality veteran QB. He fits the bill and would command a 2nd round pick. Browns have three off offer including the 33rd overall.

Eagles win their 1st Super Bowl ever. Quite a feat when you consider they lost their starting QB Carson Wentz after 13 games. Wentz was having a MVP season (33 TDs vs. just 7 INTs) prior to sustaining season-ending knee injury; a torn ACL and LCL.

However, it was the Eagles defense that came up big when it count. As the Patriots were driving late in the 4th quarter Brady got stripped sacked as he was passing. Eagles recovered the ball. Brady's last drive with 1:04 to play fell short in the red zone. The game ended on Brady's hail Mary that fell to the ground in the end zone.

So who will start for the Eagles next season? Most likely Wentz which means Kirk Cousin just got some serious competition. Foles will be earning himself a hefty raise elsewhere. Where will he be playing next season; Arizona, Cleveland, possibly Denver. I'd say Arizona is a real possibly considering he was a star QB at Arizona State.

40-year Brady already said he plans to play next season. Can the Patriots reach the Super Bowl for a 3rd straight season? Despite their defeat in the 52nd Super Bowl, the Patriots are already the early favorites to get to the Super Bowl yet again.


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