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Brazil World Cup (Brazuca) - some statistics

Updated on July 16, 2014

The World Cup soccer championship came to an end at Maracana stadium in Reo de Genero of Brazil. The world was watching the game directly or indirectly through all possible media. A number of new records were set by this world cup when compared to the previous editions. Hence it is interesting to go through some statistics of the championship.

Number of spectators

Brazil is the soccer country.So the number of spectators in such a championship like FIFA world cup will have a record. There were 64 matches in this world cup in total.The total number of spectators for this years was about 3.43 million. It is the second highest count in the world cup history. The record of spectators is still hold by 1994 FIFA world cup in USA eventhough soccer is not their life blood. In USA the count of total spectators crossed 3.59 millions ! In south Africa world cup 2010 it was 3.18 million and in 2006 at Germany 3.36 million football fans attended the world mega event. This is the count of people who directly watched the matches in the stadium.

The average attendance of Brazil world cup was 52,762 which is also the second best in FIFA world cup history. The first place in this segment also goes to USA world cup 1994. There the average attendance was 68,991. In last world cup in South Africa it was 49,670 only.

Goals Scored

The number of goals scored in a world cup championship also reached the record in Brazil world cup. The total number of goals scored in 64 matches was 171. The existing record also is 171 of 1998 world cup at France.

The average number of goals per game in Brazil was 2.67. In 2010 South Africa world cup it was 2.27. In 2006 Germany world cup it was 2.30 and 2.50 goals per game in Japan and South Korea in 2002.

It was amazing that all the 32 teams that played in this world cup scored at least one goal. This is also a record in world cup history. There were 121 goal scorers in total.This also created a new history. James Rodriguez of Columbia scored a total of six goals and won the FIFA golden boot award for the top scorer in his maiden world cup championship.

The host team Brazil also bears a record of this world cup. The notorious record is that of most goals allowed. In this world cup the Brazil net shook by the opponents 14 times. Out of these 14 goals 10 came from the semifinal and loser's final matches. The record defeat of the country also came in this world cup. It was Germany that created history in Brazil football by scoring 7 goals against 1 in the semifinal matches of this world cup. Costarica was the team that allowed the minimum number of goals. From five matches Costarica allowed only 2 goals.

Germany is the team for the third consecutive championship that scored the most number of goals. Germany scored 18 goals in total in this world cup. In 2010 Germany scored 16 goals while in 2006 when they hosted the mega event they could score only 14. The record of total goals in a championship is held by Brazil. In 1970 world cup championship Brazil scored 19 goals. In 1998 France world cup also Brazil scored 18 goals. In Brazil world cup Cameroon , Honduras and Iran teams scored only one goal each.

Global attendance

The 20th world cup championship in Brazil was high tech in many ways. All the possible ways to attract the attention of public to this mega event was taken by FIFA. The association generated a social-mobile-digital platform for the public through which any one can witness the big matches. What FIFA intended full filled as the statistics said. More than one hundred crores people were globally present to view the matches. About 2.8 crores football lovers downloaded videos using the FIFA apps. The official facebook page of FIFA was liked by 3.9 crore soccer fans and the page hit was about 45 crores.Thus the usage of social media made this world cup more popular.

Spectators in Final Match

The number of spectators in the final match is also a record in count. 74,738 people came to see the match. If Brazil - Argentina final was the last match this will be an evertime record. The match in 1950 in the same stadium between Uruguay and Brazil holds the record of highest number of spectators in a final match. That final was viewed by 199,854 football fans.


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    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      Thanks Mel...Yes , this FIFA world cup soccer championship became the one with all matches goal scored. The spectators are happy when a goal is scored. Also I am very happy that you had watched it directly. Have you shared that experience here in HP?

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 3 years ago from San Diego California

      Very interesting statistics. You mean in spite of all the 0-0 shootouts this World Cup was a veritable scoring frenzy? I had a good time watching the event. I only become interested in soccer every four years, but I definitely admire the athleticism of these great players. Great hub.