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Building Bigger Arms

Updated on January 21, 2015

Weight Training To Build Bigger Arms

The vast majority of men who weight train want to succeed at building bigger arms. The arm muscles are easy to show off so weight trainers tend to train them often. The arms can also be enjoyable to train and you can get a nice pumped feeling in the muscles if you train them hard.

To build bigger arms you need to perform intense workouts for them without overtraining. The triceps muscles assist on most chest exercises while the biceps assist on most upper back exercises. The arm muscles will get some secondary work from doing this so you won't want to overdo it when you train them directly. Just make sure to get as much as possible out of each and every set.

For success at building bigger arms you should do higher reps on your biceps and triceps exercises than you do when you train larger muscle groups. Even if you follow a light, medium, and heavy training routine you shouldn't do less than 7 or 8 reps on a set of an arm exercise. you also shouldn't be too concerned about how much weight you can use on biceps and triceps exercises. You should focus on getting a nice pump from biceps and triceps exercises to build bigger arms.

Biceps Workouts To Build Bigger Arms

Intense biceps workouts are essential for building bigger arms. When you increase the size of these muscles you can build high peaks in your biceps. The biceps muscles will get a lot of attention when you build them up since they are on display any time you wear a short-sleeved shirt. Because of this, they are one of the most popular muscle groups to weight train.

Every major biceps exercise involves curling a weight - whether it's a barbell, dumbbells, or cables. To hit the biceps muscles completely you need to perform various forms of the curl during your workouts.

The best biceps exercises for building bigger arms are barbell and dumbbell curls. Because of this, you should start your biceps workouts off with these exercises. To make barbell and dumbbell curls more intense, you can cheat a bit after you've done a set to failure with good form to get a few extra reps.

Another excellent exercise you should do during biceps workouts is the hammer curl. This exercise will help you build bigger arms by targeting the brachialis muscle that's located between the biceps and triceps on the outsides of the upper arms. Building the brachialis will help you increase the thickness of your upper arms.

Preacher curls are a great exercise for getting a nice stretch in the biceps to lengthen the muscles. This can lead to more potential muscle size.

A great finisher for the biceps when you're trying to succeed at building bigger arms is the cable curl. The best thing to do is to do a drop set or 2 of cable curls to end your biceps workout with a strong pump. Cable curls are an excellent exercise for this because you can decrease the amount of weight you're using very quickly.

Triceps Workouts To Build Bigger Arms

The muscles of the triceps actually make up more of the muscle size of the upper arms than the biceps do. This means that doing at least as many exercises and sets for the triceps as you do for the biceps is important for building bigger arms.

Two of the best triceps exercises for building big arms are close-grip and reverse grip bench presses. The grip positions that you use on both of these bench press exercises will focus the resistance on the triceps. Reverse-grip benches may be the better choice if performing the close-grip version bothers your wrists. You can also switch between these two exercises every workout to keep your muscles guessing and growing.

When you're trying to succeed at building bigger arms you need to do some sets of triceps extensions. There are a lot of different ways you can perform this exercise. Among the most popular are standing triceps extensions, lying triceps extensions, and seated triceps extensions with a dumbbell.

You can also perform dips to build bigger arms. You can do them on a dip bar while wearing a weighted belt or between 2 benches with weight on your thighs.

Other excellent exercises for building the triceps muscles are triceps cable pushdowns. The most popular versions of this exercise are straight bar pushdowns, EZ curl bar pushdowns, and rope pushdowns. You can easily do drop sets on any of these exercises to finish off your triceps workouts.

Forearm Workouts

Forearm training is another part of building bigger arms. While you will get plenty of forearm work from biceps and triceps exercises as well as many other exercises that have you gripping a weight you can do a few exercises to build more muscle thickness in the forearms.

The best forearm exercises are wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. They are best done while sitting on a bench with your forearms on your thighs. You put a weight in your hands and curl your wrists upward. Use an underhand grip for normal wrist curls and an overhand grip for reverse wrist curls.

Many gyms also have tubes of various widths with a rope coming from them that you can add weight to. You then take these tubes and roll the rope around them by turning the tube using the forearms. The thicker the tube the tougher it will be to roll the weight up.

Sample Arm Workout

When you perform workouts to build bigger arms you should switch which exercises you do regularly. this will help you at building bigger arms because you'll avoid plateaus from always doing the same exercises. If you train the biceps and triceps during the same workout you can try doing a set of a biceps exercise and follow it with a triceps exercise. If you do this you'll save time and will be able to train both muscles with the same amount of intensity. You can also train your biceps with your upper back and your triceps with your chest and shoulders as part of a push pull routine. Switching your rep ranges often is a good idea because it will keep your muscles guessing and help you at building bigger arms. This is an excellent arm workout to try:

Biceps workout

2-3 sets of barbell curls

2-3 sets of dumbbell curls

2-3 sets of hammer curls

1-2 sets of preacher curls

1-2 drop sets of cable curls

Triceps workout

2-3 sets of reverse-grip or close-grip bench presses

2-3 sets of standing, lying, or seated tricep extension

2-3 sets of cable triceps pushdowns

1-2 sets of dips

1-2 drop sets of rope pushdowns

Forearms Workout

1-2 sets of wrist curls

1-2 sets of reverse wrist curls

Proper Biceps Curl Form


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    • florajohns profile image

      florajohns 5 years ago

      Hey nice hub!! Thanks for sharing. Arm is the main part of body building. Here I found useful information.

    • BodybuildingBuddy profile image

      BodybuildingBuddy 8 years ago from USA

      I really like your hub, and that workout at the end is really similar to a workout that i like to do. I usually use super sets though to really get a good pump going. I love throwing in rope or towel pullups though to start getting my biceps and forearms going.

      Not many people focus on the forearms and i would like to congratulate you for doing so, by the way.

      If you want some more forearm exercises ive got a hub right here too.

      Have a great one!