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Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

Updated on December 16, 2015

Bungee jumping in New Zealand, the island nation of two halves, the perfect location for extreme sports.

New Zealand has one of the worlds only extreme sports cities, especially adapted for all types of extreme sports and home to the world famous "Shotover Jet" boat ride. Famous for the excitement, infamous for scaring people.

New Zealand ( NZ) has some of the most unspoilt scenery on the planet, and some spectacular beaches around its coasts with clear waters and coral reefs, ensuring that when you take the ultimate plunge on the end of a bungee jump, at least you will have something to look at on the way down. Bungee jumping in NZ, is the most awesome experience, in one of the most awesome places on the Globe.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Bungy Jumping from Auckland Harbour Bridge, a 40 meter high bungee jump from underneath the bridge from a specially designed bungy platform. Easily accessible from the city side of the bridge with ample parking, guests are offered different levels of splash options from slightly dunked to full body emersion into the river below.

For Tickets

Harbour Bridge Adventure Centre, 70 Nelson Street, Auckland

Sky Tower Jump

The Sky Tower Jump Auckland, set 192 meters high, not for the faint hearted. This is not really a bungy jump, but more of a controlled BASE jump. Even though the jump is controlled, you are still falling at 60 kilometers per second, and the ride lasts an exhilarating 20 seconds. The options are to jump off feet first, or go head first like spider man.


Sky Tower Plaza, Auckland.

Nevis High Wire

 This is the penultimate bungy jump in New Zealand, a staggering 134 meters above the Nevis River, and 32 kilometers outside Queenstown. Prior to jumping, you and your guests will be seated in a cable car with a glass floor and sides for that all round view above the Nevis River. The Nevis Wire, had been called the mother of all jumps, as the top of the valley is 350 meters wide and the bottom is only 30 meters wide. This bungee jump has an extra twist, once the jumper has reached the bottom and is bouncing back up they may pull a ripcord which will release their feet, leaving then upright so they can enjoy the view whilst being pulled back up to the cable car.


Station Building, Shotover Street, Queenstown.

Thrill Seekers Canyon

This bungy jump Canyon is a one stop adventure day with other extreme sports also available at the same centre, such as Jet Boating and White Water Rafting. The actual bungy jump is 35 meters high, and is the perfect height for any first time bungy jumper, as this is the lowest bungy jump in New Zealand. Souvenir photos and t-shirts are available and no booking is necessary. The white water rafting trips last two hours and thirty minutes, whilst the jump lasts for seconds.


Thrillseekers Adventure Centre, 5 minutes drive from Hanmer Springs.

Kawarau Bridge Bungy
Kawarau Bridge Bungy

Kawarau Bridge

 The 100 year old Kawarau Bridge was the first ever commercial bungy site in the world, started in 1988. This is the only bungy jump near Queenstown which can offer splash down services, and is a 43 meter jump. There is an $8 million visitors centre here with the worlds fist Bungydome, where participants stand on a kinetic viewing turntable with 130 video monitors, this can give the emotions and feelings of doing a bungy jump, without the actual jump.


Station Bilding Corner of Shotover Street and Camp Street, Queenstown ( Trip takes 2 hours )

Snow filled Day
Snow filled Day

Mount Hutt Bungy

Bungy Jump with a difference, not many bungy jumps offer a bungy over snow with a snowboard or skiing experience after it. Set 1,600 meters above sea level, this 40 meter bungy jump offers panoramic views of the town of Methven, just inland from Christchurch. This jumping platform offers the opportunity to unharness yourself at the bottom, then you can ski or snowboard down ther mountains, an ideal day for snowboarder thrillseekers. This resort is only open during the winter months, between June and October.

Skippers Canyon

 A 71 meter bungy jump over the wilderness surrounding Shotover Gorge. This bungy jump is operated for special functions like weddings or business trips, and there is always the full moon bungy, where up to forty people can jump at midnight on a full moon. Set in rough terrain, 4x4s trip leave Queenstown for this group booking only bungy jump.

Ticket from AJ Hackett Company

Taupo Bungy

 Set 47 meters above the Waikato River, with amazing views of Cherry Island. This Cantilevered bungy, offers group discounts and second jumps are also discounted. Tandems are also offered as well as splash selections. The specially designed platform protrudes 20 meters out from cliff tops and can carry up to 100 people, this is New Zealand's Northern Island most popular bungy.


Taupo Bungy, 202 Spa Road, Taupo


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    • ajayshah2005 profile image

      ajayshah2005 6 years ago from Mid Asia

      Nice and informative hub! Voted Up!

    • David.Reed profile image

      David.Reed 7 years ago

      Myself and my girlfriend did the Auckland Harbour bridge and Nevis jumps! It was an exhilarating experience! We really liked the Canyon Swing too!

      Similar to the bungy is the Flying Fox (in Taihape, north island) which also looks excellent!