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Buy Smith Ski Goggles Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Skiing is such a unique sport, one that is a mix of danger and peace, of risk and reward, of style and protection. Such difference create a sport that needs a variety of equipment - ski goggles, ski pants, ski boots, gloves, the list goes on and on. It's also a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages; and, as you probably know, a lot of people don't share the same interest.

This means that ski equipment has to enough to satisfy everyone - even the sixty year old guy who has just decided to learn how to ski.

Ski goggles are especially affected by this great range of interest. Dozens of companies have created their own line of ski goggles, some much different from others, some very much the same. Some ski goggles vie for pure style points, while some are innovative in how they offer protection. What you want, and what you buy, is entirely up to you.

Smith Ski goggles are one of the most popular type of ski goggles on the market. The smith anthem ski goggle, the Smith Cascade goggle and the the Smith Phenom goggle are some of the best selling goggles worldwide.

Below is a complete guide to buying the best smith ski goggles.


Buy Smith Anthem Ski Goggles

Smith Anthem Ski Goggles

Smith Anthem goggles are for womens eyes online, making them only one of the few ski goggles that are specific to women. The Smith Anthem Ski goggle is actually specifically engineered to the face of a women, their facial features and bone structure; this gives ultimate comfort right away and with the addition of foam sealing makes it one of the most comfortable ski goggles on the planet.

The Smith anthem ski goggle includes a adjustable lens ventilation that, when adjusted perfectly, makes the goggle rest on your face completely fog free. Those foggy days you hated? Don't hate them anymore.

Summary of Features:

  • Urethane Frame
  • Carbonic-X Lens
  • Built for a helmet
  • Women Only
  • Adjustable lens ventilation.
  • Lifetime warranty!

Buy Smith Cascade Goggles

Smith Cascade Goggles

If Smith Anthem goggles are built for women, the Smith Cascade goggles are their counterpart.  Cascade goggles are built for the helmet - and the half pipe - and are a perfect fit for men.  The compression molded frame is durable and very long-lasting; hypoallergenic face foam keeps your face warm and comfortable;  adjustable strap allows you to make it fit perfectly with the helmet. 

A dual lens with Airflow ventilation is the Smith Cascade goggles best feature.  Fog and sweat will never become a factor.

Summary of Features:

  • QuickFit Strap System
  • Built for the helmet
  • Medium Fit
  • Dual lens with airflow. 

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Smith Fuse Goggles

Skiing is all about style; it's about crusing down the slope, maybe even underneath the chairlift, and getting people to look down and notice you.  What's one of the best ways to get noticed?  Cool, unique, goggles. 

Smith Fuse Ski Goggles are the companies most flashy goggles; in other words, if you are looking for style, you should buy Fuse Ski Goggles. 

Fuse Ski goggles are one of the more cheaper goggles on the market but are still great for seeing the slopes.  The lens is wide giving you good peripheral view and is also scratch proof.  All Smith fuse goggles have a vent on the front that can be opened or closed depending on the type of conditions you're in. 

Smith Fuse goggles are also designed in a way the strap is attached via a lever; this makes the goggle very secure around your head. 

Summary of Features:

  • Medium Fit
  • Carbonic- C lens
  • Open and close ventilation 
  • Wide Lens
  • Flashy and stylish

Buy Smith Knowledge Goggles

Smith Knowledge Goggles

Smith Knowledge ski goggles are designed for mainly one thing - exception fog- protection for eye glass users.  That's right: these goggles are meant for you four-eyes.

Smith Knowledge Ski Goggles have incredible lens ventilation that has a floating foam membrane that elimates all pressure from your eye glasses.  It also has Smiths patented filtering technology which includes vents that can opened and closed in the front.  Furthermore the outrigger positioning system keeps keeps both your eye glasses and the goggles in place. 

The coolest part about Smith knowledge goggles - apart from the name - is they are also helmet compatible.  Before, when most goggles were limited to either eye glasses or helmets, is no longer a problem. 

Summary of Features:

  • Carbonic- X Lens
  • Ventilation 
  • Porex Filter
  • Helmet compatible
  • Glasses compatible
  • Face Foam 

Buy Smith Phenom Ski Goggles

Smith Phenom Ski Goggles

Smith Phenom goggles are the jack of all trade goggle of all Smith Goggles. Unlike the Knowledge goggles - which are designed for eye glasses - or the Fuse goggles - which are very stylish - , Smith Phenom goggles takes a little bit from everything.

Smith Phenom ski goggles have all the general traits of a Smith goggle. Carbonic - X lens with the open and close ventilation system in front; a porex filter to keep everything clean; an outrigger position to keep everything in place.

The only thing unique about Phenom goggles is the sensor mirror lens: it gives your lens a light rose base tint that maximizes the colors you see and gives you a better depth position when skiing along changing topography.

Summary of Feautures:

  • Medium fit
  • Carbonic -x Lens
  • Porex Filter
  • Sensor Mirror Lens

Every type of skier wears a ski goggle.
Every type of skier wears a ski goggle. | Source


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