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Buy a Bicycle Lock Online

Updated on September 15, 2009
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Bicycle Locks

 Nothing is more frustrating than arriving back to find you bike is missing. On top of the inconvenience, there is the cost associated with replacing your bicycle, some of which are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

It is a sad fact of modern life that we are now unable to trust the public to respect our property. A bicycle lock is now an essential piece of cycling equipment.

Which Bicycle Lock?

 Most people tend to invest in a lock that is proportionate to the value of their bike. If you bicycle is worth thousands a $5 lock doesn't make sense. It is also not worth buying a lock that costs half as much as the bike itself.

Bicycle locks can generally be divided into three categories:

1) U Lock : Consisting of rigid metal in the shape of a 'U', it is locked by connecting the closing bar that essentially turns the 'U' into a 'D'. Their advantages are continuous steel construction but lack flexibility when fitting so you need to choose you spot wisely.

2) Cables: Tough wire cables of varying thickness offer numerous ways to secure a bicycle. They are generally sold without the padlock required to complete the loop and thicknesses and construction materials vary - as does the strength.

3) Chain: Heavy duty chain again sealed by a padlock usually sold separately. Combines strength with flexibility.

Many bicycle locks now come as a kit with combinations of the above styles for added security

The Budget Option: Bicycle U Lock

Measuring 4 inch x 8 inch and made of 12mm hardened steel this U Lock is wide enough to give you more options when securing your bike.

It comes with a bracket to mount the lock on the bicycle frame and two keys

Double Protection Bicycle Lock

This kit includes both a U Lock and cable to double up on protection.

The U Lock has a 4 digit combination for key-free operation and has a cover that protects the mechanism from the weather. The cable is 4 ft long to enable you to chain both wheels and the frame simultaneously. This combined protection should be more than enough to make would be bike thieves choose someone else's bike.

Highest Level of Protection - The "Beast"

Hex link Steel chain with titanium reinforcement. Nearly impossible to break or cut. Highest security rating for high crime areas.

12mm x 2.1m (7 ft.)

The ultimate if you have a bike too valuable to consider losing.

A Lock to Match

 There is no point getting one of the toughest chains available without securing it with an equally tough lock.


What are you Waiting for?

 Get yourself a bike lock before someone gets your bike!

Using a Bicycle Lock

Tips from the police

Review of Bicycle Locks

Kryptonite Bicycle U Lock


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      Allie 3 years ago

      This is the perfect way to break down this inoatmorifn.

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      Ashish 3 years ago

      Hola He9ctor. La verdad es que ni fuoren 400 km y hemos planeado de llegar mucho mas re1pido. Pero como a veces pasa: habia muuuuucho de ver, conocer, comer, hablar y tomar y asi nos duro u poco mas. Aparte es sol nos quemo bien fuerte (47b0C en el sol y mas que 30b0C en la sombra). El camino nos gustf3 mucho, es todo verde aqui, hay muchos rios, campos, arboles y la naturaleza es increible. Aparte todos los castillos y monasterios a cada par de kilometros. La verdad para andar en bici este paeds es increible! Para coche tambie9n, hay una autopista entre Gori y aqui y en los proximos dos anios tienen planeado de construirla todo hacia el oeste tambie9n. A nosotros nos encantf3 el camino. De verdad.