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Buy a Folding Shovel Online

Updated on March 28, 2010
A typical folding shovel
A typical folding shovel

The Folding Shovel - A Versatile Camping Tool

 Folding shovels are a valuable tool to have in the outdoors. More than just a shovel, many come with a variety of features that can greatly increase the tasks for which they are suited.

The folding mechanism ensures they take up the smallest space possible and they are constructed out of light weight yet tough materials.


Folding Shovel in storage position
Folding Shovel in storage position

Folding Shovel Features

The folding mechanism will determine how compact the tool can be made. The double fold type have a single hinge that allows the length to be effectively doubled when extending.

Tri-fold devices have two hinge points (and 3 sections - hence the name) are able to fold into a much more compact storage position.

Another useful feature of some products is a hammer for placing tent pegs. A serrated blade can be used to hack through branches and roots and will increase a tools versatility.

Coleman Folding Shovel

Basic, Economical Tool

 The Coleman folding shovel is a basic, cheap tool with a double folding mechanism.

For less than $10 you can pick up this item and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Feature Packed Camping Tool

This product has both a shovel blade and a pick but the features don't stop there.

It has a compass in the handle which also has a waterproof compartment for matches.

There is a serrated edge to the blade, it can be used as a hammer for tent pegs, and there is even a bottle opener.

The maximum extended length is 15.5 inches

The Tough Product

Weighing only 2.3 pounds, the shaft is anodized aluminium and the blade powder coated boron carbon steel blade. This makes it incredibly strong for its weight.

The serrated blade cuts through vegetation when digging to make sure nothing slows you down.

The tri-fold mechanism enables the tool to be extremely compact so there is no reason not to pack it.

This tool is even NATO approved - It is designed to last

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    • profile image

      Jayson 8 years ago

      This puppy is built solid and will dig up some dirt if needed. Good for ice and snow as well. Not as long as I'd like though. Makes me wish I had just purchased a spade and cut off about 2 feet of the handle. Got it for my mother to put in her car. She likes that its collapsible but has a difficult time unlocking and opening it with her tiny hands. She will probably leave it opened up and just toss it in the trunk.

      It has weight , but do the job!